Cally Phillips @2018

This is an archive site which stopped being updated regularly in 2015.  For more recent information go to Cally Phillips  

For those interested in my past – it’s here across a load of pages and posts.  Nosey around at will. Here’s a quick thumbnail:

Cally Phillips  started her professional creative journey over a quarter of a century ago.

He had over 20 years experience as a screenwriter and playwright. She also  also worked as a professional actor, a sales rep, theatre/cinema front of house, an English/Drama teacher, a private tutor, a script reader for Channel 4,  Artistic Director for Bamboo Grove Theatre Company,  Artistic Director/Facilitator for ABC Drama Group, Dramatist in residence for Dumfries and Galloway Arts Association,  Playwright in Residence for West Lothian Youth Theatre,  and  undertook a stint as Scottish Secretary for the Writers Guild of Great Britain.

Educationally she has an MA (Hons) in Moral Philosophy with International Relations from St.Andrews University  and an MSc in Applied Psychology of Intellectual Disability (Portsmouth)  as well as a PG qualification  in drama from Academy of Live and Recorded Arts,  a PG Dip in Multimedia Design from Napier and an Open University Diploma in Health and Social Welfare.

Now retired from the hurly burly of the ‘creative industries’ Cally lives happily with her husband and dogs in North East Scotland. Marry that with her other condition, self-imposed Hermititis  and  with an ever deepening cynicism about the perceived relationship between success and creativity in terms of profit and sales and you’ll see why she’s finally listened to the words of Paul Weller and ‘gone underground. ‘ 

3 replies on “About”

Sitting at a hockey rink in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada watching my daughter practice hockey.

I came across a link to your novel Power Play and thought I would send you a picture of Cally Phillips the hockey player . Drop me a line and I will send the picture.


Hey, brilliant! Powerplay is a ‘play’ rather than a novel – though it’s not what one would call an ‘ordinary’ play being as how it would be best set on an icerink. Manitoba Moose is the team I ‘follow’ (it’s a long story) so I’m great there’s a Cally Phillips playing hockey in Manitoba. Why not ‘like’ me on FB and send a picture there!

Hello, I was wondering if there is any way to be able to see your episode of City Life called “Outside In.”

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