lost in a world of ebooks

For the past 10 days or so all my energies have gone into getting the indie ebook review site up and running. ¬†Actually, not quite all. When not doing that I’ve been deconstructing and restructuring (in a major way) Another World is Possible (part of the In Three Minds trilogy) which will hit the ebook shelves late spring/early summer – depending on the weather and epublication gods.

Hopefully come the beginning of March I’ll be able to post here a bit more regularly..but we’ll see. ¬†For now I have about 5 books to read for review purposes, tweaking of the site and then editing and revising and oh, the first draft of Butterfly Dreaming to start on (to say nothing of the other ‘secret’ projects on the go!)


Finished the first draft

Literally just finished the first draft of THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY. A brief pat on the back and the weekend off – apart from working on the Indieebook Review site prior to its launch on 21st Feb.

Then it will be revising and preparing ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE for its forthcoming ebook publication and then back to the 2nd draft, while doing the research for the first draft of the third part of the trilogy BUTTERFLY DREAMING.

Lucky for me that the weather has been garbage all winter -given me plenty of time to write. If and when spring sun comes out and the temperature ever gets above zero, I will have to slow the writing pace down and get out and sow some vegetables.


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