Work comes first?

Well, of course I’m still over-run by the work at the indie ebook review site – and very interesting it is too (which is just as well the amount of time it’s taking up) I’m in the process of rescheduling my own forthcoming publications… the next thing coming out will be in a couple of months but it WON’T be the aforementioned Trilogy… that’s now been put back to next year. There’s going to be plenty more to come before that though. Next post will give more details (maybe even with cover pictures… ) how’s that for suspense?

Meanwhile I’m also researching heavily into ebook distribution options. Lots of people want to charge you to convert ebooks (something I, and more or less anyone can do) before they distribute them for you but it’s not so easy to find someone just to do the distribution. Anyone who has or knows of a good distributor please let me know.  I think it really is about time that we break free from Amazon Direct Publishing and find other, better and less restrictive ways of epublishing in the UK!

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