What a difference a week makes… in weather

A week ago, I remember it distinctly. I was working outside in the sun (of course I didn’t take a picture of it) in the hottest temperatures known to man/recorded history blah de blah in this part of the country (Aberdeenshire) Maybe even in Scotland, maybe even the world, in March.  Maybe I then fell asleep and woke up 8 months later, a kind of reverse hibernation, because this is what it was like out there this morning..


Twelve solid hours of snow. I like snow. Even in April. I’m just not sure that all the flora, fauna and critters around will appreciate it and I’m sure we’ll PAY later in the year.  Fruit trees in bud.. daffodils… despite my smugness that I’ve not planted out any early potatoes or spring flowers, I’m sure it’ll turn round and bite us somehow.




The polytunnel is once more in igloo status but hopefully there’s enough light to keep the seedlings happy under their fleecey pyjamas. You know you live in a wild place when fleece is required inside the polytunnel in April! 

Now none of these images is unusual. I have plenty of them from winter 09/10 and 10/11. Even a few from the ‘winter that never was’ this winter. No snow days. No getting snowed in. Till APRIL.  I mean. We did still have some snow on the ground last easter but it didn’t follow the best SUMMER weather we’ve EVER had here by less than a week.   I mean, only a week ago my snow gear was waving itself dry on the washing line in the sun, the snow shovel had been put into the garage (where it’s now snowed in) and we had talked about removing the snow tyres) Lucky we didn’t…









The weather gods must be laughing themselves silly.  I had meant to write a blog on important ‘writing’ matters, but now I just want to get out and play in the snow. In order to make this something of a literary effort here’s a picture of MY beech, from Brand Loyalty (the beeches) When the sna’ has gone, normal service will be resumed blogwise.


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