The personal and the public

Today I’ve just posted a big ‘rant’ on the Indie Ebook Review site, and I’m beginning to wonder if I’m blurring the boundaries between personal and public. It’s very hard to do these days.  I’ve been involved in FB conversations recently where I mistakenly became an anonymous voice representing a group… while meaning to offer my personal opinion.. and things got heated.  I’ve been responding to Amazon ‘reviews’ where people seem to think that personal opinion is as good as critical analysis… and whose final argument is – oh, I thought all the reviews were written by the writer because no one could get that many good reviews without doing it themselves (??!!??)  – yet another for my armoury of why amazon reviews are often more hassle than they’re worth and usually not worth the cyberspace they’re residing in.

As an experiment and as a gesture toward group commonality and to try and understand the workings of a system (and systems) I fundamentally disagree with, I’ve found myself giving away a free ebook  (Voices in ma Heid) not once, but twice  .. and once as part of a ‘giveaway’ event I disagree with in principle too.

I’ve been tweeting and blogging till I’m blue in the face.

I would like to point out that to my knowledge this has resulted in only 1 sale.  So I must be doing something wrong.

Fact is, I’m exhausted from it all and the sun has just come out outside for the first  time in 2 weeks so I’m going to go mow the lawn and think about what I’ve done!

But in general terms I think that the blurring between what’s private and what’s public and which of our ‘identities’ we are using at any particular time is both a dangerous and a very tiring part of modern life.  I say it all so much more eloquently in Brand Loyalty. Which is why I can’t understand why people don’t just buy that book (cheaper as epub than amazon )  and read it. Except I’ve just checked to find Brand Loyalty myself in epub only to realise the distributors have mucked it up AGAIN (well constantly would be more accurate) and I wouldn’t blame anyone else not being able to find it… I’ll try and resolve the issue.  Available on Kindle and other formats (if you can find it… at varying prices from £2.61 to £4.49 and with various authors attributed, various genres, descriptions…. how can people get so little so wrong!)

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