The dance has begun

Oh yes, bargain hunters…. today and for 48 hours Voices in Ma Heid is FREE to readers. (not free to me I’d point out. but since I’ve set the print price at a ridiculous 79p even when it is SOLD which means I’ll make 20p per copy less 30% unless I can work out how to fend of the IRS, it doesn’t make a lot of difference to me whether you pay for it or not. More important whether you read it or not. And whether you like it or not.

All you have to do is  click HERE for the Amazon link.  How easy is that? Easy for you. Free for you. Not free and easy for me, I can tell you. I feel like I’ve sold my soul. But it’s for a limited period only right and I’ll get it back after (hmm… need to re-read Dr Faustus.. wonder if I can pick it up free as an ebook?)

Now, I understand and appreciate that my work. like myself, is/are an acquired taste and I’m not expecting everyone to come back telling me they love Voices… if I thought the world would fall over itself at this work of genius I would a) have published a long time ago and b) been working hard to get a deal/bestseller status etc. I’m not.

It’s just that the time is right for a bit of experimentation. So why don’t YOU experiment and download it for free. Or wait and pay. Up to you.

In other news. I have heard from distributors. Not satisfactorily. So at 7.31 this morning I was circling the part of my contract that tell me how I get out of it.

I’ve given them till Friday to explain themselves (properly… they are good at explaining and then making new errors) because it seems only fair that they’re all having a nice time at LBF and I don’t want to dampen  their beano!  After that I have the right to pull all my books within 10 days.  So it’s just possible that you WON’T be able to get ANY of my ebooks for a while…. does that make you want to run out and buy them?

If so.  Whatever you do DO NOT PAY more than £3.50 for these books. My RRP was set at £3.99 (£2.99 for Chasing Waves) and there is a load of sums like 40% to retailer, 20% Vat and then 20% to Distributor to come off before I see any money. They’re shafting me so don’t let them shaft you too. I am NOT trying to get you to pay £4.16 or in one case £5.68…. Having said that, if your’e clever you can find them with the wrong author name attached for £2.67 or some such….. getting the drift of why I’m not happy.

I can’t give you links I trust. But you should be able to buy from Amazon, WH Smith and if you go to the Hive network and do it via Google you may get a good deal today before they realise their mistake.   I suggest typing in the title, if that doesn’t work type in Cally Phillips and if that doesn’t work both together and if that doesn’t work in some screwed up parallel universe Cally Wight is attributed as author of Brand Loyalty and Cally Phillips AND Cally Wight for Threads of Time.  Unless you can get Chasing Waves for under £2.50 DO NOT part with your money.

Alternatively, if you wait they may be epublished some other way for a lower price, for free, or never see the light of day again. Who can tell?  Jeopardy I think they call it in the screenwriting business! Do you dare to take the risk.  Jam today or jam tomorrow. Or an empty stomach tomorrow. Time will tell.

Believe me, no one is more sorry than I am that the alternative ‘professional’ distribution route I picked instead of Amazon Direct didn’t pan out.   If you read Brand Loyalty you’ll understand that.

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