The party’s over… for now

The London Book Fair has come and gone. I’ve been virtually absorbed in it and am still in ‘reflective’ mode. A more considered post will go on the indie ebook review site on Saturday and a more personal post will come up here around the same time (how to split a blog post in two.. quantum blog posting….) a new concept?

As regards Voices in ma Heid.  The most entertaining thing about it was that every time I put in a search on Amazon it politely asked me in good English if I wanted ‘voices in my head’ and I happily shouted, ‘na, voices in me heid, ya bam.’ It got me through the tough times – I’m a Scot, we’re not reknowned for being happy to part with things for free!

The 48 hours came and went.  The highest I saw Voices get to was #30 in the Amazon free short stories bestsellers list. It may have been higher but you have to watch the stats like a hawk. I’m not a hawk.  In total there were no more than 75 downloads worldwide which took it to this dizzy height. Which says something. I’m not exactly sure what.  There have been no subsequent sales yet.  It’s going to be free again on 23/24th of this month, with more associated Marketing as it’s part of the Authors Electric big ebook giveaway  – a response to World Book Night.  So we’ll see if that makes any difference.

This is all an experiment and I am still absorbing the lessons.  So far during the last 3 days I have

a) had the distributors promise to ‘sort things out’ but I don’t think that’s going to happen to my satisfaction so I’ve been developing plan b)  which is becoming horribly like a marketing strategy!  Iv’e come to the decision that I’m going to make a decision on Monday.

b) made some new friends in the ‘freebie’  and ‘alternative distribution’ worlds. Still need to investigate further. Is that called market researching?

c) Developed a cunning plan. It may just be a good idea and I’ve learned I need to be able to distinguish between the two!

d) learned that clicking ‘publish’ on KDP is a ‘rush’ and may indeed have addictive properties. Handle with care. But also a hell of a lot easier than fighting with ‘distributors’ .

What I thought I was doing when I embarked in ebook publication was to publish while keeping my principles in tact.  I still want to do that. But I realise that my propensity to do things the hard way must also be put into perspective.  The world doesn’t seem to be geared up to do things the way I find simplest. (why is that?)   I may need to compromise. I will need to compromise.  There  are ways to avoid dancing with the devil… but to get your work READ and not engage with the ‘commercial’ world is possibly difficult verging on impossible.  I am potentially shifting ground. I’m not going to become new best friends with the devil but I may have to become more pragmatic and reasonable (or develop a guerrilla strategy to subvert from within) in order to progress.  We’ll see. but I’m determined to stay as true to myself as I can and being transparent is one way to be sure of this.  No skeletons in closets allowed. Reasons, explanations, justifications but no selling out because it’s easy.

For the moment I have to get back to reading my review books for the indie ebook review site and developing the database that will take over the world (otherwise known as the second biggest work mountain in my world)  I’m a virtual mountaineer.  Each day I get a little bit further up the Everest that is indie ebook site and a little bit further up the K2 that is HoAmPresst publishing.  Well, you get the analogy anyway.

And all of this without leaving the house!

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