If I knew what was going on…..

I’d tell you. Honestly.  Well, in the fast moving world that is epublishing (post distributor angst) there is going to be a situation of , how best to describe it, flux and flexibility in availability of my titles in the next wee while.  Never mind. This may be to your advantage and you may score a bargain!

Here’s what I think is happening.

Brand Loyalty LITE version is now available exclusively on Amazon (I know, I know… but I’m digging myself out of a hole here)  and can be reached by clicking HERE in UK and HERE in US

This version is CHEAPER because it’s just the novel, not the background/commentaries. In order to kick start some SALES it will be FREE for a couple of days sometime the beginning of May (to be confirmed)

The XTRAS version will be back on sale as soon as I can manage it.

Chasing Waves LITE is on the same deal. Exclusive to Amazon for 3 months and you can get it HERE for UK and HERE for US.

Threads of Time is being re-edited (I’m finally dealing with the errant punctuation folks, sorry about that) and I’ll let you know when and how it’s being relaunched in the fulness of time.

And Voices in Ma Heid which was recently on the Authors Electric World Book Night giveaway is still available from Amazon at a price of 79p  HERE  in the UK and HERE in the US

I will be trying to update links all over the place in the next week, so please bear with me.  And as soon as I can get a deal with Kobo I’ll have epub versions back up. It may not be till August though for these titles.

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