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Having wrested back control of my distribution, it’s time for Brand Loyalty to get some new exposure.  So it’s going on Kindle Select (exclusive for 3 months) For me this is like entering the heart of darkness. But since I’ve begun to equate ebook publishing to guerrilla warfare, I’ve got some renewed vigour for the whole thing.

So below, are some comments and reviews about Brand Loyalty to help you decide whether it’s ‘for you’ or not.  Don’t forget you can read a sample of the first three chapters on Amazon before you download… so really… there’s no excuse to be disappointed.

The following reviews are for the most part from people I’ve never met.  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not impressed with ‘sooking up’ (as we Scots call it) and for me, the value of a review lies in another person seeing something of interest or quality in the work itself, it’s not a comment on their relationship to me.

Increasingly the reviews I’m receiving are from other writers with whom I have struck up a professional virtual relationship. I value these comments because I respect the work of the people who made them.  I have attributed links to the authors responsible so that you can judge for yourself.

For the potential reader, to my mind, the purpose of a review is for it to give you an idea of what the book is about (not the plot) and why other people have enjoyed reading it and think it worthy of your time and money. You may disagree of course, but I’m aiming to give you an informed choice BEFORE you part with your money. I want readers, but I don’t want disappointed readers.

Here we go…..

 ‘Brand Loyalty’ is the most challenging, disturbing and fascinating book I’ve read for quite some time. It deserves to be widely read.  (Rosalie Warren)Author  Fuller review forthcoming  here 

 I may have finished reading this book but I don’t think I will ever stop thinking about it. Once you start seeing things in the author’s ULTIMATE ® world, the parallels with our own are rather too close for comfort. The author has created a horrifying future that is just simply all too real. (Alan Pearce) Journalist and author of The Google Questions [If you like Brand Loyalty you may like this… or The Contenders by Neil Fraser Addison] 

Chilling but brilliant. [A] sparklingly cerebral mix of contemporary events, analysis and projection to the not-at-all distant future. If you want to think and be stimulated, but also to trust and be encouraged in the power of curiosity, you should read this novel. (Julia Jones) Author

For a fuller review by Julia on Indie ebook review site click HERE 

What is so scary about Brand Loyalty is its plausibility. It is not a comfortable read and this book raises questions… It is a thought provoking, page turner which explores life in a consumerist dystopia. (Mary Smith) Journalist and Author Smith)

There are also comments from general readers, names attributed where I know them.

Terrifying and believable. Guaranteed to shock and extremely thought provoking. A powerfully cautionary tale of how our ignorance and complacency could lead to the eventual surrender of our very personality (L.Sim)

The ideas stay with me troublingly.. A real page turner, based on an extremely ingenious and unnerving idea..great ending, nice ambiguity… Give this book a go! (J Atkin)

I challenge you to read Brand Loyalty – you’ll revisit the way you manage your relationships: you’ll reconsider how dependent you’ve become on the whole web to actualise your personality, your past, and your network of friends and family.’ (A Walker)

‘This story is a chilling glimpse into a possible future.’

‘I really liked this -excellent characters, interesting ideas, and a good build up of tension and pace.

‘You’ve got me hooked’

‘Thought that it was good read and liked the idea of how branding takes over in the future. Well written, thought provoking and interesting’

‘It struck a chord with me because I don’t think that this story is far off what is really to come!

”I found this to be a hugely original and deeply satirical piece that worked exceptionally well.

The idea behind the story is clever and delivered economically’ ‘

I loved the concept, and it is worryingly believable.’ ‘ The concept of watching the last tiger dying live on TV is really powerful, showing the worst of what our world is becoming … if things don’t change quickly.’

So don’t be a mug….

download your copy today Amazon UK  or Amazon US 

– or if you’re really tight, wait till the free downloads start on 8th May.

If you do take advantage of the free promotion I’d be really grateful if you spread the word as widely as possible using whatever social media you feel most at home with. Thanks. And I hope you enjoy reading the Ultimate book of choice and Value -A-Z (remember, 15 people, most of whom I’ve never met, can’t be wrong!)


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