Guerrilla tactics prevail.

Okay, the decision is made. Quit while you’re ahead. Having consulted my guerrilla handbooks I realise that the element of surprise is important and that hanging around beyond a certain point just gets your head blown off. So…. in the next few hours the FREE downloads will cease.  I think everyone’s had a decent chance to get their hands on a copy and the ULTIMATE objective was achieved much quicker than anticipated – #1 in UK and US political fiction.  Snuck right into the heart of Amazon and….


So if you HAVEN’T DOWNLOADED IT then you’ve got a couple of hours left to do so. How long do you need? And after that it’s only a measly £1.95 (for a while) The price will go up some time soon….. now the guerrilla has learned to play the market game.

I need to get back to real life and start writing THE REVOLUTIONARY’S DAUGHTER.


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