BRAND LOYALTY Storming the charts


A couple of days in advance (being an organised sort of person) of the big Amazon giveaway, I wrote a piece on indie ebook review site titled The Invisible Guerrilla where I likened ebook publishing to guerrilla warfare based on my lifelong interest (obsession) with the Cuban Revolution.

I am happy to report that we have made great progress.  It took less than 6 hours for BRAND LOYALTY to storm the UK political fiction charts and it’s sat at #1 ever since (I’m getting twitchy, I feel like a sitting duck…) By bedtime in US it had made it to #3 (something I never imagined) and it’s riding high in Literary fiction  – in UK it flitters around #5 and #6 and for the last 12 hours only DEAD classic authors have been higher.

The guerrilla strike has been successful. But there’s a new goal. Apparantly, in order to remain visible long after I’ve cut and run from the free promotion, I have to get into the Top 100 in the Free Kindle Store.  I’m teetering around 120 at the moment so another big push is required to get more downloads and see if I can crack the Top 100. (Then I’m told I should cut my losses and pull the free promotion a day early if I have to) I need to go back to my guerrilla handbook for that one. I’m a person of my word and I said it’d be free for 72hours so SHOOT ME…. I am in the dilemma of do I QUIT while I’m ahead (end justifies the means) or stick to my word (and risk an injury) I am currently asking myself WHAT WOULD CHE DO?  Respond to a flexible situation or stick to principle?  It’s complex.   On the one hand he shot a puppy (yes, shot a puppy!) because it’s whining would give them away and on the other hand he never left a corpse unrecovered.  And he killed people even though he accepted it was morally wrong and he must bear the guilt. He didn’t like wimps but he was morally courageous.  So…. my guerrilla insight and my moral philosophy degrees will be battling it out today while I work out what to do.

Beyond all that though…. when you READ Brand Loyalty I hope you will undertand the ULTIMATE irony of having put it up for free with Amazon anyway!  It’s an act of revolutionary genius in itself.  Or at least very funny.  And it seems only right to tell you that my TRILOGY (now in four parts) scheduled for next year, which has Cuba as a central theme, now (thanks to a fellow author) will feature a work entitled THE REVOLUTIONARY’S DAUGHTER. As soon as this free stuff is over I’m free to get back to it.


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