World Fair Trade Day

To mark World Fair Trade Day I’ve epublished Five Fair Play Dramas. These were originally written and performed in 2007 and 2008.

They are FREE from around 9am this morning, 12th until approx midnight on 14th (there’s nothing quite certain in the world of Amazon Select) for download from Amazon UK  or Amazon US And spread the word. Tweet, blog, download. It’s the least you can do to help spread the Fair Trade message.

Please take the opportunity to download Free.

These are Five short dramas with a fair-trade flavour. Originally performed in 2007 and 2008 these plays are a humorous take on a serious issue. They are flexible in style and can be adapted to suit many performance situations.

Go Bananas, Like Chocolate? , Wake up and Smell the Coffee, Cottoning On, and A Nice Cup of Tea?  Address the issues of fair trade in some of the everyday products and commodities we buy and consume.

These plays have been published by HoAmPresst  to raise awareness of World Fair Trade Day 2012.

And incredibly… in the 12 hours before it went free it made it to #17 in UK paid listing. Let’s see if we can make it a #1 for Fair Trade on World Fair Trade Day.

In other news, this morning Brand Loyalty reached it’s dizziest height to date in PAID Kindle store. It’s only £1.95 and if you take advantage of Five Fair Play Dramas for free, I’d really appreciate it if you thought about buying Brand Loyalty. There’s loads more information about it in earlier posts. Last week it was #1 political fiction both sides of the Atlantic in the free promotions.  Now you do have to pay, but like I said, get a BOGOF… take Five Fair Play Dramas AND Brand Loyalty and you’ve got a lot for your money!

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 

It has  received great reviews on the Indie Ebook Review site and various other places. Give it a go.  (See earlier posts for more information)

And to complete the hatrick of joy this weekend  VOICES IN MA HEID my short story collection in Scots has recieved several good reviews, one from a Scot, one from and Englishwoman and one from an American! (yes, really) I’ll collate them at some point in this blog but you can read them yourself on Amazon UK and US.

VOICES IN MA HEID. A bargain at 79p.

But MOST importantly, the message for the weekend is SUPPORT WORLD FAIR TRADE DAY AND DOWNLOAD FIVE FAIR PLAY DRAMAS for free!  It’s one of the rare occasions where free trade is also fair trade.


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