Letting the dust settle…

Well, who wants to stir up dust? I write to avoid cleaning! And last week generated a lot of dust.

Externally validated success is not what I aim for in life, and it comes rarely enough, but perhaps one should mark it when it does come.  So I’m reflecting on a week that taught me a lot (and not just about success but about the ‘system’ of Amazon rankings)

On 8th May I put Brand Loyalty

up on free promotion. It’s been available as paperback for 18 months now and an ebook for nearly 6 but I couldn’t get arrested with it.  Yet within 6 hours of being offered as a free download it rose to #1 in the Amazon Political Fiction (free) rankings.  And within 24 hours it hit the same dizzy heights in US.

I took it off free after about 36 hours (not wanting to give it away to everyone in the world in one hit) and because I was a) confused and b) experimenting with the ‘system.’   It disappeared in US rankings but it got to about #7 in Bestselling Political Fiction.  It did pretty well in Literary fiction too (though that is a category bloated with THE CLASSICS) And it hung around the Top 20 for the best part of a week.  It’s still in the Top 100.  And a very reasonably priced £1.95  from Amazon 

Using what I’d learned, or a hunch based upon what I thought I’d learned, I made a quickfire decision.  12th May was World Fair Trade Day. I have a number of short dramatic pieces dating from 2007-8 which I thought could be used to promote Fair Trade. That gave me less than 12 hours to find them, format them and publish them… somehow I did it.

My goal was to push them as high up the Amazon free rankings as possible on the 12th.  Guess what. I managed #1 slot both in UK and US.  (stage/theatre and playwriting categories)   They need a bit of  reformatting (it’s the devils work to format playscript for kindle) but they’re there for 77p at the moment and I’m going to try a regular FREE day a month with them to keep Fair Trade in the collective conscious.  I DON’T want you to buy these really, I want you to download them FREE on their free days so that they keep hitting the top slots.

So all in all, not too shabby for a weeks work.  I expect it’s how The Beatles felt. Actually, I don’t expect it’s anything like The Beatles ever felt, but you know what I mean.

What next? Let the dust settle. But DON’T waste time cleaning it away. No. Now I’m back to editing, formatting, reviewing and all the things that allow me to avoid that horrible task.  Though now I think of it, a lot of the updating, tweeting, blogging and facebooking one has to do to promote work into the rankings is nearly as horrible as dusting.  How do I get round that?


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