A bit of a rammie…

Voices in Ma Heid is FREE to download tomorrow 31st May  (well, I know some people are too tight to pay 79p for something they don’t  want/won’t read and isn’t the talk of the watercooler) But for the rest of you – here’s the rationale.

Voices in Ma Heid was the short story collection I never expected anyone to want – even for free.  But if you go to the Indieebookreview site tomorrow (or amazon today) you’ll find reviews from people who didn’t only download it (some of them even paid) but actually grappled with the Scots dialect it’s written in (and only one of them a native Scot) and gave it the thumbs up.

And in honour of this amazing result – and the milestone of the 50th post on the Indie Ebook review site (which turns out to have been one of my better ideas) which I  first thought about at the turn of the year, started on 21st Feb (in accordance with my love of pallindromes 21.02. 20.12  (symmetrical pallindromes are a speciality for me!) and has now been running (my life) for just over 3 months.

Everyone has their views on the Brave New World that is epublishing. It’s a revolution. It’s OUR revolution. There are opportunities for all. And there are dangers for all.  But most of all there’s debate for and by all.  For me it’s proving an exciting journey and my life has been totally transformed over the last six months. For the better.  Thanks to the people I’ve virtually met and the things I’ve virtually achieved.  You know on the blogger sites where they ask you to type things in to prove you’re not a robot – I have a suspicion I’ve just become a cyborg. And I think I’m quite happy with that.

So please. Take my FREE gift of the VOICES IN MA HEID  while they are free.  And prepare yourself for the next FREE giveaways.

A relaunched THE THREADS OF TIME will be FREE on 4th June and there’s a whole series of little ebooks coming out FREE for Learning Disability Week (18th-24th June) So look out for them. Check back here for more info.

And if you do feel so inclined to help me keep the wolf away from my particular door you can BUY my books in real form from http://www.hoampresst.co.uk  or in virtual form from Amazon.  It really is that simple.


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