The guerrillas are back


Publication is well underway. Pricing remains varied… I tried to make it 79p and Amazon told me 81p. So I’ve made it 75p in the hope that Amazon will make it 75p or 77p or at most 79p.

Price, however is somewhat irrelevant (if you are smart and organised) because you can pick them up for FREE on the appropriate day (Monday on Monday, Tuesday on Tuesday etc) as we go through next week.

This is my karmic payback for the IRS number I received in the post this week. I can’t believe I now have a US TAX number.  I exist as a number for the IRS. (not that I am due any money or that I owe them any money. It’s all red tape and…?) The guerrilla in me fights back.

It makes me want to release my I DON’T BELIEVE IN AMERICA song all over again.  Maybe on YouTube. Watch this space. But don’t hold your breath.  I have more important things to do than sing songs at the moment.  As the 3 guitars gathering dust in my office will tell you.

Anyway, next week 18th -22nd is Learning Disability Week and I hope you’ll take the opportunity to have a laugh and get something for free by downloading FREE espiodes of the No Labels Dramatic Journey which will be available on Amazon by then. (You can get them today if you’re sneaky and don’t mind paying MONEY – how much I’m not sure!)

I aim to make them free as often as possible and will also bring out an OMNIBUS edition so you can have the whole lot in one easy ebook.  This will probably retail at £2.49 and probably be in September.

If you want to get more details on how to download etc go to the NO LABELS page which is under the books and ebooks tab at the top of this site.


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