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June 18th -24th 2012 is LEARNING DISABILITY WEEK.  To commemorate this The NO LABELS series of dramatic stories is being published – with one free episode a day.  Collect the set during the week.  (Normal price 79p)

SPECIALLY EXTENDED FREE PERIOD.  ALL BOOKS WILL BE FREE ON FRIDAY 21st AND SATURDAY 22nd.  (see below for explanation/rationale of giving things away for free!) 

No Labels is a fictional drama group but the ‘stories’ are drawn from my real life experiences over 10 years working with adults labelled with learning disabilities.

Each ‘day’ of the story charts the journey through process to performance of a production by this remarkable group of people.  We hope you will find it amusing and thought provoking.

Please spread the word via your chosen social media platformor by good old word of mouth. 

Because Labels are for TINS not for PEOPLE. 

YOU DO NOT NEED A KINDLE EREADER to download these books. You can download a free Kindle App for PC, ipad or smartphone and read on your electronic device of choice. Click HERE for the link. 

If you want to go direct to the site and download your FREE ebook follow these links

MONDAY  Amazon UK   or US 




FRIDAY Amazon UK or US 

Why give them away? 

You might ask yourself why the ebooks are being given away for free. It’s a good question.  The reason is that it’s a good way of raising awareness. If enough people download (and/or buy) the books they rise up the Amazon charts. The higher up the charts they rise the more people will see them.  Our aim is to get all 5 books into the Top 20 for the DISABILITY chart by the end of Learning Disability Week.   YOU can help by downloading and by tweeting/sharing/liking and generally telling everyone you can in whatever way you can about this promotion.  With just a few clicks you can make a real difference to the awareness of Learning Disability (and you’ll have some cracking good reads into the bargain!)

If you want to become obsessed with the stats or see how YOU are helping No Labels rise up through the charts you can click here to see the rankings So far the highest we got was #2 for No Labels On Tuesday. Every time anyone buys any book about disability the rankings change so we need as many downloads as possible (and sales when it’s no longer free)  So please CLICK and download. It’s a small thing to do but it will make a lot of people very happy.


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