So once the labels have dropped off…

We are left with the analysis and the inevitable statistics (learning to love stats is part of the epublishing revolution)

As of midday on Monday No Labels are hogging the 20’s in the Amazon bestsellers (disaibilities) section 

For some reason which totally eludes me (given that some have sold more than others and NOT in the order that they are listed as highest in the charts) they are in this order:

Tuesday #20,  Friday #21, Monday #24, Thursday ’26 and Wednesday #27  These lists are updated hourly.  And like shares go up and down with astounding ease depending on just a few sales.

Our aim was to get into the Top 10 but this hasn’t been achieved so far. Hopefully a few more people will put their hands in their pockets now and a) get some good stories b) raise awareness of Learning Disability.

The first reviews are starting to trickle in and here they are, in case you still need persuading.

No Labels on Monday introduces us to the members of the No Labels drama group – briefly, respectfully and with affection. There is no need for more than a couple of sentences about each person as they soon begin to speak for themselves. And that includes even the members of the group who find speech particularly difficult. The writer guys herself slightly as the earnest narrator and facilitator, Kate, anxiously trying to arrive at some sort of definition of learning difficulty. Most of the time the group members remain silent as she flounders along, mentally castigating herself for inadvertant moments of possible insensitivity. But finally, rather brilliantly, she achieves an idea that the difference between those labelled with ‘learning difficulty’ and those called ‘normal’ is a ‘conversational impairment between both parties. This is perhaps the most useful understanding of learning difficulty (which also includes dementia) that i have ever come across. I look forward to the next in this week long series. (Julia Jones)

On the whole week:

 I have really enjoyed my daily dose of No Labels and have fallen in love with the delightful actors. Such a heart warming read. (Dave Reynolds)

 Better then the Archers omnibus edition. I’ve just spent Sunday morning catching up with Cally Phillips’s No Labels, Monday to Friday, stories. So humourous, perceptive and potentially addictive. I want more! (Julia Jones again, just to prove she read them all!)

The whole week was an interesting experience I have to say. The tweeting, blogging and facebooking probably ends up getting on people’s wicks, but then, I was kept at it by the Dalai Lama who suggested that big change can result from small things (a mosquito in his example.) His words and the picture spread virally during the week and everyone cheered him. However I found that when I did a few mosquito acts myself people just didn’t like it nearly as much.  So perhaps his concept needs refining. My conclusion is that if you’re the Dalai Lama people listen to what you say. If you’re me, not so much (even when I’m putting out the same message)

It has, however, given me the impetus to start up a new publishing imprint. So I can announce here that  The No Labels Omnibus edition (which will come out first on Kindle then as an epub and eventually fingers crossed as a paperback) will be published under the GUERRILLA MIDGIE imprint.  More of that will come in the next post.

But for the moment here is the logo …

Because as we know, all branding should start with a logo!  Prizes for anyone who can give the correct explanation of what this logo is and represents. There’s a challenge for you.

The Guerrilla Midgie press will focus on work which is socio/politically challenging and/or has an advocacy slant. It will aim to ‘get under the skin’ of the establishment and offer alternative views on a range of issues I feel are important.  So, in the context of the No Labels Learning Disability week experience,  when the labels dropped off, a midgie emerged.

For anyone who doesn’t know, a midgie is the scottish mosquito. Smaller, doesn’t give you malaria, but attitudinally it’s pretty much as annoying as its larger counterpart. I reckon that if the Dalai Lama is a mosquito, I’m a midgie. (And I’ve been called worse things!)


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