Waving or not waving…

Hanging out at the Edinburgh ebook festival.

But here’s something from it for anyone who wonders what a Quantum Wave really is.

There’s lots more exciting and interesting stuff if you get yourself over to the first ever Edinburgh Ebook Festival. It’s got five more days to run and then I get my life back!

Festival season is upon us

As a child, growing up in a large top floor flat in Edinburgh’s leafy Marchmont area (panoramic view overlooking the Castle) it was obvious that during the Edinburgh Festival Season we’d decamp, and by letting out our spacious 5 bedroom flat pay for the whole family (and a small boat) to spend a month to six weeks on Mull HAVING A GREAT TIME.

And we did have a great time. But I never engaged in the Festival. So now, years on. like all right minded culturally aware people, I know that Edinburgh is the place to be in Festival time.

However, also now, I don’t live near Edinburgh and I don’t have the time/money to engage in the Festival ‘fest’ during August.  But as I was once indoctrinated in a short but torrid career in SALES ‘there are no problems only solutions’ So I’ve come up with a solution. Also known as a GOOD IDEA.

I’ve spent the last month in my indieebook review hat making a FESTIVAL DIRECTOR hat for myself and it’s going to be ON SHOW from TOMORROW right through the Edinburgh Book Festival Season.

I don’t actually HAVE a festival directors hat. But I do have a logo/mascot. Kool Kobo and he’s going to be at the festival with me. VIRTUALLY.

Because the beauty of what has become the FIRST EDINBUGH EBOOK FESTIVAL  is that it’s an online, virtual festival. The programme may host around 100 discrete ‘features’ with 8 separate EVENTS a day, and feature around 50 active indie ebook writers/publishers BUT you can do all this from the safety and comfort of your own home. Your own computer/smartphone (or work if you’re sneaky enough) You just need a computer/ connected tablet/maybe even a wifi ereader, or smartphone!) and you’re set.

It’s all kicking off TOMORROW Saturday at 10am  www.edebookfest.co.uk will take you there.

And in the meantime in OTHER news. Finally got the ebooks up on Kobo.

To find all my epublications on Kobo site click HERE 

and for the Amazon versions click HERE. 

The choice is yours.  However, and whatever you choose I hope you enjoy the experience.

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