Hockey or not?

With the NHl season due to start on 15th September and talks broken down, it looks like it’s not just us in the UK who won’t get to see Hockey this season. We suffered last year because they couldn’t sort out the broadcasting rights and now this year, as in 2004-2005 there may be a Lockout.

Last time there was a Lockout I had a satellite subscription that meant I could watch the AHL. This time, I can’t find any way to watch Hockey. It’s pitiful. I mean, I’ll pay. I just want to be able to watch it (and not streamed live because I need to sleep at night)

Also last time there was a Lockout I did the only thing I could. I wrote. And came up with


It never got performed – somehow there’s not the will in this country to set a play on an ice-rink. But I’ve just published it again as an ebook. Amazon and Kobo (epub) formats so you can read it on pc/mac/ereader/smartphone and more importantly you could band together and GET IT PERFORMED (ice rink optional)

If the lockout goes ahead I’ll happily waive all performing rights charges. So download the play, read it, think about how you can use it as part of your protest at the NHL lockout.

Because life is just what you do between hockey games.

As we hurtle towards another NHL Lockout you may need to look for other ways to live your life in between hockey games.  Written in 2004 during the last NHL lockout, Powerplay explores the importance of ‘the rules’ of life through three sets of relationships – and of course there’s a referee to keep them in check.  It’s fast and furious and it’s everything a hockey fan could wish for if you can’t have the REAL THING.

AVAILABLE NOW!!!   AMAZON US   and AMAZON UK    (Kindle) and KOBO  (epub)

This excellent video gives you something of the flavour and the passion of Hockey and the way fans feel about the Lockout

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