Throwing mud at the wall?

I’ll be the first to admit that Powerplay hasn’t actually set the heather alight on publication, and I’m not that surprised. How many folk in the UK are that interested in Ice Hockey? How many read plays? How many are enlightened enough to work out that a play which seems to be about Ice-Hockey, will in fact be about something so much more important – like LOVE.  And I’m sure most Canadian and US hockey fans are just devastated because of the lock-out so…

But. Come on folks. EVERYONE LOVES JAMES BOND, right?

And so it came to pass that while in the process of sorting out my back catalogue of plays for ‘anniversary editions’ (2002-2004 I was Scottish Arts Council’s first Dramatist in Residence, working with Dumfries and Galloway Arts Council and so the plays were flowing – which means there’s a LOT of anniversary work to get epublished in the next few months) I came across something I’d completely forgotten about. BOND IS BACK…

It was written before the 40th anniversary of the James Bond movie franchise and is a sort of tribute  to the world of Bond but written in a style familiar to Mike Leigh’s Abigail’s Party.  What’s not to love eh?  It NEARLY got produced in the West End for the 40th anniversary (but you know how things go -and it would have been great because the denoument would have seen a cameo appearance by Timothy Dalton… hey, how great would that have been!?!) but of course it didn’t and now here we are at the 50th anniversary and it’s been gathering virtual dust on a hard drive ever since, only occasionally getting updated from one digital software type to another. Diamonds may be forever but writing software changes all the time and if you don’t keep up with it every 5 years or so you find that you have these great genius works of art on disc or drive or whatever yes, but no way of accessing anything other than a stream of gobbledegook!  So – restoring it from something that looked like the rossetta stone with a suffix of .scw into a more acceptable for today epub and mobi file has been what I diverted myself with for the last few days before I get back to the HARD work of getting the October offerings ready to throw at the virtual wall.

You can get hold of Bond is Back on  or if you’re ‘foreign’ (as most people are) on and hopefully Kobo will get themselves into gear after the long weekend and you’ll be able to buy it there soon.

And I hope if you read it, you’ll enjoy it. Don’t be put off by thinking ‘it’s a play, I don’t read plays.’  It just dialogue and prose description, which when you think of it is pretty much what a novel is.  It really ain’t that different. And it’s JAMES BOND for goodness sakes. So it’s GOT to be the coollest thing I epub this year.

And you know, if you DO like it, you could go all retro on my and take a chance on Powerplay. It’s really rather good too, though I say it myself. And there’s more than a touch of the Abigail’s Party (American style) than you might think.  And it contains the funniest thing I think I ever heard in my life ( in an American diner in Vermont –  ‘I’m not gonna lie to you,  the pickle did touch the side of the sandwich.’   That, and many other weird things I noticed during a 2 week stay in the USofA make it into the play.  Worth it just for that, I’d say.

My plays tend to be ‘social dramas’ which are about relationships and the tensions between people when you put them into certain situations.  Domestic maybe and not always comedy, but something to make you think.  If you like thinking that is. And laughing. A bit.  Which I think most people do.  So ‘suck it up’ or try some of the mud on my wall… or… whatever it takes, take a chance. It’s less than the price of a coffee after all and you won’t burn your mouth or spill it on your clothes. Though if you drink coffee while reading either play, I can’t be held responsible for either of those things happening.

You can get Powerplay from Amazon UK or from Amazon US or indeed from Kobo  for epub format (they’re Canadian, of course they got this one epubbed quickly. They just forgot to buy it. But how do you find a Canadian ebook readership? Free copy of Powerplay to anyone who can give me a lead on that thorny question)


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