The 2012 catalogue is out now

If you click HERE you will be whisked directly to the Guerrilla Midgie Press/ HoAmPresst Publishing Catalogue 2012 page which lists ALL the currently available published works.  Complete with buying links for every ebook it means you can see at a glance what’s available.

AND there’s a couple of FREEBIE’S up there at the moment so please go and have a look and download what’s free (and maybe buy one of the paid ones!)

Pricing is in the process of being rationalised and from 1st October digital prices will be as follows: (on both Amazon and Kobo – unless they do strange discounting which I can’t control!)  My set standard prices are;

ebook NOVEL  £2.99  ebook PLAY £1.99 ebook Short Story Collections £1.99

shorter work £0.99   and ‘specials’   FREE.

I hope to keep plenty in all price brackets so that there’s something for everyone.

Obviously this site (and the imprints sites) also give you more information about each particular work and what’s new but the Catalogue is the place to go if you want to see ‘the range’ in one place and offers a quick link through to buying.

It’s all part of the ‘streamlining’ process – ongoing.  I hope its helpful.

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