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This week sees the Guerrilla Midgie publication of THE PRICE OF FAME a debut short story by Kirsty Eccles. In the wake of the Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal it’s clear that a lot more talking needs to be done about child abuse.  It’s not all about the BBC and their internal policies (fascinating though that is!?!) and we need to be sure the more important issues don’t get sidetracked. Jimmy Savile was not the only man abusing power (celebrity or otherwise) and this is not a ‘lone’ situation which ‘couldn’t happen now.’  It does and is happening all around you, all the time. But people don’t talk about it.

Giving money to Pudsey once a year is no longer enough. We need to start speaking out about this.  You could do worse than download the ebook of The Price of Fame. Open your eyes. It’s fiction but sometimes fiction is the only way to tell the truth.

Kirsty’s GIRLS AND BOYS COME OUT TO PLAY will also be featured FREE on McStorytellers very soon.

You can find out more about Kirsty and Guerrilla Midgie by clicking HERE  Links to buy the ebook are

Amazon UK

Amazon US 


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