Can I tell you a story?

What a week it is for things fictional!  Like most of these ‘events’ we only discover half way through that it’s NATIONAL SHORT STORY WEEK but with the speed of the internet we can respond before we miss the boat.

So I’m listing a load of short stories ALL FREE for you to have a look at as well as some collections you can BUY if you can’t get enough of free or want to download onto your ereader of choice.

My FREE short stories: (these can be found by clicking the FREE tab and going to STORIES and or on the McStorytellers site)

A Fishing Line, Duck! Terrorists Need to Plan and Saddam Insane are all available FREE  as well as The Stabbin o’Rizzio (in Scots) from the collection VOICES IN MA HEID and to pick a library themed story Wha’s Feart o’ the Library from the collection IT WISNAE ME 

For something a bit darker there is Kirsty Eccles view on Charity and Child Abuse in Girls and Boys Come out to Play

and you can buy her long short story THE PRICE OF FAME which will  (or should)  leave you emotionally drained.

But it’s not all about me and I want to flag up other places to go and find short stories

The ULTIMATE place to find them in Scotland is McStorytellers – the brainchild of Mr McStoryteller himself Brendan Gisby who over the last two years has tirelessly encouraged ‘ordinary’ Scots (and some extraordinary ones) to tell their stories.  There’s all the short stories you could ever want to read FOR FREE on the McStorytellers site as well as two COLLECTIONS you can buy:

The McCollection is selected from the first year of the site and

The McFestival dozen features the stories which Brendan chose  as McStoryteller in Residence for the inaugural Edinburgh eBook Festival last August.

I’ve also come across a couple of short stories from Facebook this week which I’d recommend

Catherine Czerkawska’s Eliza Marshall’s Tale  and Shirley Mitchell’s The Magic Hot Water Bottle 

And if you want to see Reviews of Collections of short stories, to help you make up your mind before you spend money, go the Indie eBook Review site at the  Virtual Bookshelf  and there’s a bakers dozen of short story collections for you to choose from.

HAPPY READING.  Remember – short stories aren’t just for National Short Story week, they’re for every day too!


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