Happy St Andrews Day

Scotland-flagRather late in the day I’ve discovered that today Scottish Book Trust are encouraging READING HOUR – their suggestion is that at 11am everyone STOPS and READS something.

This is a great idea and ebooks or online means of reading make it a real possibility for nearly everyone, where-ever they are.

Remember you can read ebooks on smartphones, tablets, ipads, pc and mac as well as dedicated ereaders.  Why not hop over to IEBR at 11am and see what’s on offer. We’ve made a St Andrews Day roundup of Scottish indie writers reviewed on the site.

Or if that’s too much effort, get online and go to McStorytellers where you’ll find a cornucopia of Scottish short stories – and tell them Cally sent you! There’s more than enough to keep you reading for an hour believe me!

But whatever you do, STOP at 11am and READ something. You’ll be glad you did.

And of course here’s a few wee personal tips.


Want to laugh? Read Jack MacRoary’s blog.  (or download Tales from Tattybogle) Kindle  or epub format 

Want to cry? Read Kirsty Eccles short story Girls and Boys Come out to Play.  Or download the harrowing The Price of Fame

Better than cats?  Check out the FREE section on this site for loads of free stories by Cally Phillips. Or browse your way through novels, plays, imprints and see what else you can find to read. Something for more or less every taste. (And you do have taste, don’t you?!)  If taste is just a ‘label’ then why not try A Week With No Labels available as an ebook  for Kindle or epub and as a paperback .  It may just change the way you see the world.


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