It has come to my attention that the world is going to end on 21st of December this year (again!) Now generally I’m pretty risk averse, but I’m betting that it doesn’t happen and so am laying my plans for next year out already.

I decided to pick 12.12.12 as a suitable date to get my head round the changes I need to make and while now’s not the time to make ‘announcements’  I am constantly happy that unlike traditional publishers my engagement with publishing is not that of a supertanker and directions can be changed with relative ease. I am in a process of streamlining and ‘chucking out’ the old and bringing in the new.  Reduce, reuse, recycle is the message and not just for waste, for life priorities and work in general.

The big change coming up for me is that I’m setting THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY on the back burner for a while.  I have 100,000 words of a second draft but it’s lacking something – as yet I don’t know what – and so I need to think about it for a bit longer.  That sets the whole Trilogy back a bit. But means that I’m going to put out Another World is Possible (back in the original episodic version) as an ebook and reprinted as a paperback.  Assuming the world doesn’t end.

Recently I’ve watched loads of programmes in the Why Poverty? series and last night endured a ‘documentary’ on Cuba with Simon Reeve who kept telling us that the Cuban economy was in meltdown and had been badly managed – unlike the economies of the West then? – but paid scant regard to the fact that the biggest problem for the Cuban economy has been the iniquitous US embargo. History was reinvented as he showed us a ‘closed Sugar factory’ but failed to explain that the reason it was closed was ultimately because Cuba was effectively prevented from exporting Sugar (it’s main export) by the West and THEN had to turn to the Soviets and THEN when the Soviet Union collapsed… yes, guess  what.  Reeves timeline was somewhat less obvious!   It is this kind of misinformation regarding the Cuban economic system that lies behind the story of The One That Got Away but my big personal struggle is finding a way to render this story into accessible fictional form.  I’m not trying to write propaganda, I’m interested in looking at the comparison between cultures which are driven by material and moral incentives.  Coming up to Christmas in the consumerism centre of the world is not the time to do this with a calm mind.

And thus, it’s put to the back of the queue behind several other novels that are vying for place to be published.  So I can’t tell you exactly WHAT or WHEN I’ll be publishing my next novel in 2013 but I will be publishing something. I shall just leave you in suspense. Although of course if the world does end in 9 days time we won’t even be bothered about it will we?  I look forward to seeing you the other side of the apocalypse!

For those of you getting used to reading plays on your ebook, I can announce that in March I’ll be publishing another 4 titles and the last of my Anniversary Plays series will come out in August.  After that it’s novels all the way.


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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more about Cuba – I have a Cuban grandchild whose father is stuck in Cuba. I was appalled by the poverty and the food rationing and the intransigence of the west towards a really fantastic country. Why should they be a pariah state? We’ve embraced Russia! Sometimes I hate the world we’ve created, but I’m hoping it doesn’t end on 21st because I’ve got some good things to look forward to next year. More good books for a start!
    Power to your mouse Cally!

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