Is there anybody out there…

(Sorry, just felt like a bit of a Pink Floyd moment there!)

After yesterdays wee ‘rant in the disguise of promoting another’s work’ which developed off site into a bizarre short story which I’m about to submit to McStorytellers (we’ll see if they accept it!) I got a couple of responses. A sale of Men in White Suits (thank you Catherine) and a sale of Brand Loyalty (buyer unknown – I’d like to think it was whoever returned it feeling a pang of conscience, but I know life isn’t like that. I don’t have THAT MUCH POWER!)

AND finally a review (which because it’s from Italy means it goes on US site as well as UK site) from one Mari Biella whose work has been reviewed by Dennis Hamley on IEBR.  With my new almost learned skill of reblogging you can find the link to this by scrolling down to the blog post before this (I think!)

It’s a good review.  By which I mean, one which seems to a) have enjoyed and b) understood the novel. Thank you Mari.

You can read her review here (oh, I just realised I was so happy to read the review I never even looked to see how many STARS she gave it. I don’t care. I know that stars are the way into a lot of other places for visibility but I find it all too childish or indeed ULTIMATE to bother with)

And to kind of prove my pay it forward, reciprocity view of the world I’ve linked above to all those nice people who prove to me that ULTIMATE have NOT completely taken our souls yet.


And of course, even though it’s out of my comfort zone I will be rushing off to download THE QUICKENING right now so that Mari has a nice wee moment of joy at another sale complete (though maybe she sells more than 1 a month and doesn’t obsessively look at stats!)  I will read it. I have read The Turning of the Screw (though it makes me break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it) and I have been brave enough to read Island of Whispers by Brendan Gisby recently so I shall just gird my loins and hope not to be scared witless.  Though I suppose being scared witless would be the proof that it’s doing its job. I can report thus far that while I started reading Island of Whispers HATING and being scared of rats, before the end they had gained my sympathy and I was rooting for them. Don’t let any of the REAL ones who might lurk nearby get any ideas by that though. I don’t want to MEET a rat or have on in my floorboards EVER AGAIN!!!!  (Sorry Dan Holloway, rat lover extraordinarie)

Now. I need to download that book… send that short story to McStorytellers… get on with my fair trade research and work out the finer details of my great big birthday gift (coming in February!!!) It’s all go here folks. Won’t even have time to check stats!




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One Response to Is there anybody out there…

  1. Mari Biella says:

    Thank you for the mention, Cally! I’m glad you liked the review. I don’t particularly like the star rating system either, as I find it rather arbitrary – I don’t think you can sum up your feelings about a book with a row of asterisks. However, I unhesitatingly gave Brand Loyalty 5 stars; it is a wonderful book, and deserves to be read! I only feel sorry that I got it while it was free, as I’d happily have paid for it. (On the other hand, you have gained a loyal reader here, so perhaps free giveaways aren’t altogether a bad thing.)

    I think you could read The Quickening without fear of any sleepless nights, as it’s meant to be unnerving rather than utterly terrifying. I suspect that it has succeeded in this respect, as a couple of readers have complained that it wasn’t scary enough for their tastes!

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