Reasons to be cheerful…

2013 didn’t start that propitiously for me. I broke a tooth on Hogmanay and had to wait 3 days to see the dentist. Having a pathological fear of dentists isn’t a good thing in that situation. But that’s in the past now. Tooth repaired. Sanity restored. Fear abated (for a while) And now I have quite a few reasons to be cheerful (Ian Dury only had 3 and I have 4 at least today) so I thought I’d share the joy. Note: stylistically I’m working up from the least to the best.

1. It’s snowed at last. Which means I can look out onto a white vista and everything is bright rather than dull and I can start worrying about whether the bamboo will survive rather than all the other things in life one has to worry about. (I’ve misplaced my camera under a pile of books so I can’t take a picture!)
2. At the moment my ‘day’ job is excellent. Because it means I spend half my life in the nineteenth century with a few wee forays into the eighteenth century. Great.
3. I’ve just had a short story published on McStorytellers. I love the whole concept of McStorytellers. I’ve never been a true fan of ‘the short story’ it seems a bit like ‘the sonnet’ with rules and regulations designed to stifle your creativity. But McStorytellers is Scottish short stories. By that I mean that you have rants and havers and as long as it’s below 5000 words (and is thought provoking, interesting or entertaining) pretty much anything goes. And it’s FREE. It’s a great place to put all those short pieces one couldn’t ever think what to do with, or try out new stuff before compiling a collection. And it’s the brainchild of one Mr Brendan Gisby or Bimbo Geesby or… (you need to read his book The Five Sons of Charlie Gisby to get that joke) I don’t know how he does it. As someone who ‘tinkers’ with blogsites and the like and who has been driven half demented by IEBR in the past year, I would take every hat I have off to Brendan if I was wearing one. But I’m not because even though it’s 11 degrees in here just now, I’m indoors and it’s rude to wear a hat indoors. Everyone knows that. Anyway, my NYR (not that I make them) is to submit one short to McStorytellers each month. NO, I’ve just changed that. It’s to get one short ACCEPTED every month. So I will have to keep my quality UP! And the first on JANUARY BLUES is up there RIGHT NOW. Read it and weep.
4. I’ve just had a mention and review by Mark Frankland for my collection It Wisnae Me. I’ve been helping (uh, if you call bamboozling him and virtually hitting him over the head very hard with a very big stick saying ‘you have to do it THIS WAY’ helping!) lose his Amazon freebie virginity. He rocked it to #1 in the political section US and I think in UK too. What I like about Mark is that he’s a man who tells the truth (calls spade and all that) and his blog today tells of his experience. And gives me a mention which is nice. A person you know to be honest telling you they like your work is worth any number of anything from anyone else in my book.

So that was my treat for my coffee break. Now I need to get back to that joyous Day Job – let me tell you that copyediting 19th century work is INTERESTING. Especially in Scots.



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2 Responses to Reasons to be cheerful…

  1. Another reason to be cheerful, Cally. “January Blues” has gone sort of viral on McStorytellers. 119 views so far – and counting. Respect!

    Yours, Breadbin.

  2. stevenalker says:

    I think that I was directed to your blog by Andrew McCallum Crawford with whom I made friends with via FaceBook two years ago. I would just like to say how much I enjoy your blogs and recommendations for reading. Now, which of your books should I start with?!

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