Silence is frozen…

I’ve been keeping quiet mainly because I didn’t want to give the world a blow by blow account of the current LIVING WITHOUT RUNNING WATER SAGA.  I understand that on the one hand this is precisely the sort of gold dust that blogs thrive on. But it’s been a kind of long boring story for me and I don’t see how it will be anything other than a long boring story for anyone else (by proxy) Suffice it to say it’s been very hard to focus on work while dealing with the combination of central heating boiler issues, water pump leaks, washing machine blowing up, and snow all of which has led to the 10 days without running water fiasco which I’m NOT telling you about here.

That’s my excuses out the way. I’m adapting to circumstances and since there seems to be no evident sign of anyone coming to FIX the problem (again) in the near future I’m settling down to some small bits and pieces of work. Today I actually achieved the writing of 3 reviews and so I’m going to post one here in a minute – but deserving of a separate post because I don’t want to blight it with the curse of this post!

Life goes on. And on. And on. And it’s all just a distraction from WORK.

So. Normal(ish) service will be resumed within the hour with my latest review from Reading Between  the Lines.  I hope you like it.


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