Lifting the curse!

It has come to my eagle eyed attention that today is 31/1/13 (except for people in America who don’t get the delights of palindromic dates like we do here!) and so I declare that the CURSE OF 13 must be lifted at the end of today.

I don’t like to indulge in counting how many things can go wrong in one month but here’s my personal highlights for January.

Always an early starter, I broke a tooth on Hogmanay.  The first time I’ve ever cursed Scotland for having 2 days off at new year. Couldn’t get to the dentist (or eat solids)  for 3 days. Nice start.

This was swiftly followed by Central Heating ‘issues’ and about 3 days with no CH. Well, of course we have halogen heaters and an open fire but it’s amazing how cold the house can get to in 3 days. Temperature outside was competing with temperature indoors and I was a regular at 7 degrees!  George was happy to get off to work for once!  Dogs were just UNHAPPY and when they are unhappy there’s NO peace in the world.  Possibly the cause of the great CH ‘issue’ (which we are fervently hoping DOESN’T mean a new boiler) was revealed the day the snow started to fall. Water pump knackered. Yes, the shiny new water pump we’ve only had for 18months.  Leaking.  10 days of no running water was the consequence. It’s a tale of snow and being snowed in and the repair man NOT making it up the drive but coming twice none the less… and the washing machine taking umbridge at the whole thing.   Normally I love snow but it was really in the way this time.  And after the snow comes the ice which makes getting out not just difficult and dangerous but actually IMPOSSIBLE at times. Unless you are in a bobsleigh. We have 4×4 and ATV but no bob sleigh. It’s a thought!

The washing machine is nearly fixed though it’s still having ‘issues’ with the system. As long as we clean the filter every 3 washes… which means hauling out the machine – I await the hernia!  But no, think positive, the curse will be lifted if we only survive till tonight!

THEN the tale of woe doesn’t stop because we had 24 hours of the worst gales since living here – and we’ve had some gales.  So inevitably some of the roof we got repaired last winter  wouldn’t make it through.

A tally up of costs suggests that nearly all money in this month will go straight out to tradesmen. This is our way of stopping the economy staying in a triple dip recession. No thanks necessary all.

Please note that when I say money in, I don’t mean MY money. I sold precisely 15 ebooks in January. That’s not too impressive for someone with 11 titles out there really is it?

Oh, and then I forgot. My virtual friend Dennis gave me an early present – the ‘HI’ virus. Apologies to anyone I’ve passed it on to through emails. I’m still cleaning my system as I type!  I never did like surprise presents (but I have a good idea for pressies for my 50th, so watch this space!)

But after all this tale of woe, what can you do? Well, me, I think positive, and wait for the curse to lift. And have a plan.

Tomorrow is 1st February and will be the start of 50 days of celebration – I  turn 50 on 14th and hey, I’m not intending to reach a whole century so this may be the biggest celebration I ever have.  And everyone’s invited.

My plan is to BE around online here and on goodreads and on facebook (not sure I can promise to twitter) for 50 days making new friends and chatting about things that interest me – mainly writing, reading and digital publishing – though of course I’m up for other conversation too.   But lets save something for tomorrow when THE CELEBRATIONS COMMENCE.

So. Gird your loins. It’s going to be a long long party. Longer than my 21st and that went on (as I vaguely remember) for about 10 days. What a lightweight I was then! But then of course, I was doing it FOR REAL  and this time it’s only virtual.

I look forward to meeting up with you all friends old and new over the next 50 days.  Be virtually there or be a triangle (purple) – only my closest of friends will get that reference!


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One Response to Lifting the curse!

  1. Mari Biella says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve had such a rough month. My January woes seem very tame by comparison. TS Eliot was wrong; April is NOT the cruellest month. January is. There’s no competition.

    Having said that, I’m looking forward to joining in your virtual celebrations. All 50 days of them. I salute your stamina! (And by the time they’re over, spring should be with us, so hopefully that will have put an end to the weather-related problems, at least.)

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