50 Days of Celebrations – Day One

smallcallyIt’s here. The first day of 50.

Okay let’s get the party started. This song has been my #1 for many years and I’d say it defined my concept of self for the first 25 years of my life.

This is Day One of 50 days of celebration.  Normally I’m a pretty unsociable type,  but February has always been different. I was born in February and it’s my favourite month of the year. When I was a student we used to call February ‘coming out month’ (that was before coming out and had its more modern meaning!) and we made it a rule to just GO FOR IT and hang the consequences.  Over the years I’ve met and made some good friends in February.  I remember (almost) my 21st birthday which was a mother of a party and ran for at least a week. But nothing in the past has compared to the audacity of having 50 days of celebration. Luckily it’s only virtual and I can guarantee I won’t drink as much in 50 days as I’ve done on previous birthday bashes!

Of course there’s a lot of landmark dates in February (and into March) which will get sucked into the celebrations.  First up is Chinese New Year which starts on 10th Feb taking us into the Year of the Snake.  Then on 12th Feb it’s Pancake Day (for the non religious!)

The MAIN 3 for the price of 1 event is on Feb 14th. My birthday, Valentines Day (nice timing eh?) AND my 7th wedding anniversary.  When George asked just over 7 years ago what I wanted for my birthday I was smart enough to reply ‘to be married to you.’  Cheesy? Maybe. But it means we have 3 reasons  to celebrate all in one. And when you fall in love at first sight with someone as I did aged 13 but have to wait 30 full years to marry them (oh, yes, there’s more than one long story in that lot) then I think you’re allowed to be just a wee bit cheesy aren’t you? Sorry, I’m a Scot. For those non Scots amongst you please substitute the word ROMANTIC for Cheesy!

Moving right along there’s Fairtrade Fortnight which starts on Feb 25th and runs till March 10th. I’m running an online flash fiction festival during that fortnight so we’ll bring that into the celebrations shall we? I’m publishing FAIR TRADE FICTION (volume 1) as well.

At the beginning of March I’ve got a couple of Anniversary Publications.  3rd March will see ‘War in Seven Easy Stages’ my updated version of Lysistrata which was performed on 3/3/2003 when it was just possible we wouldn’t go into Iraq. Of course we did.

And then (hopefully) by 8th March I’ll publish TRIPTYCH. These three plays were performed together over a weekend in March 2003 at Brigend Theatre, Dumfries. And a fine time was had by all.  I’m aiming for 8th March because that is the 10th anniversary of the death of my close friend Terry, to whom I dedicated the original performances.  I can’t believe it’s been 10 years.  But that’s worth remembering too, isn’t it – that we should live and love while we can because it’s all too short a time we have together.

When we get to the arse end of the celebrations it’s George’s birthday on March 20th. He’s going to be 64 and YES I will still need and feed him!

Now. We get to the thorny question of presents. I’ve thought about this a lot. I’m a writer (you might have noticed) and so for me the best present I could have is that people BUY and READ my work (and talk about it with me). Being as how we’re in 50 mode, what would make my birthday great would be if I could sell 50 books during the month. Of course 50 a day would be better but hey, I’m realistic here. I’m not E.L.James (though in my youth I did earn money writing ‘erotic’ movie scripts!) There’s so much about me you don’t yet know eh?

Of course if I sold 700 books I could buy an ipad for my birthday.  400 would get me a Kindle Fire.  I wonder how many Green Shield Stamps that would be!

As you can tell, the income I get from people buying my books is negligible (20p at the lower end of the market £1 at the higher end) so you would be right to assume that it’s not all about the money. What would really make me happy would be to spend 50 days talking about writing (mine and others, I’m not that self obsessed) and generally interacting with readers and writers in a convivial virtual atmosphere. Will it happen? Well, that’s not just up to me now is it? It’s up to you. Come join the party, invite your mates, and if you want to buy and read my books and then chat to me about them that would be the icing on the cake.  Speaking of cakes. I’m planning a 5 decker. I’ll take a picture if it comes off!   And speaking (as I still am it seems) of presents – think of it this way. If you buy one of my books this February it’s going to be cheaper than the price of a decent card and will be so much nicer for you and me (I hope!)  There’s over 1o titles for you to choose from and they are available in Kindle and epub formats (as well as some in paperback). Just surf around this site and see what you fancy. And if you want to ask questions I’m here. There’s also free stories on this site and at McStorytellers 

Well, that’s enough to start the party off with, I think. I’ll be sort of shimmying around Goodreads and Kindle forums and Kobo forums and Facebook and here hoping people turn up. But of course I should be doing some WORK as well. I can’t afford to take 50 days off now, can I?


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4 Responses to 50 Days of Celebrations – Day One

  1. carver22 says:

    May I be the first to … (please add whatever else you’d like from me/us as well as to become devourers of your oeuvre).

  2. Mari Biella says:

    I’ve just bought one of your books, Cally, so you’re a little closer to your goal. Here’s hoping that you make at LEAST another 49 sales by the end of the month! You may get that iPad yet!

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