Day 2 of 50 Days…

I’m sure I’m not to blame for Goodreads crashing. Or maybe it was just me it wouldn’t open for. Who can ever tell in the weird wild world of cyberspace. Yesterday I finally found Spotify and linked Goodreads to Facebook (the result was that everything seemed to crash)  and left me thinking that  in fact Facebook is the link for everything these days whether you like it and/or know it or not. Facebook may well be the prime contender for the fictional ULTIMATE corporation as explored in my 2010 novel BRAND LOYALTY.

Brand Loyalty started off way back in the mid 90’s as a proposed TV series.  Pitched to Channel 4 it was considered ‘too dark’ a vision of the future. Now, now, just stop laughing. I’ve not watched Utopia or Black whatever it was last year but I think they’ve finally realised that life IS a bit dark, in the present never mind the future.

After a long time lying around trying to exist in various formats, finally Brand Loyalty came out as a novel in 2010. This was before TWITTER really took off (Twitter still hasn’t taken off for me) and so of course even now it’s kind of old hat.

It’s set in 2030 but really it’s a story of our lives from the 1960’s onwards. It follows three generations of people from the 70 year old Helen looking back on her life, her grandson Nike and his generation and the middleaged Pryce who is caught in the horns of a dilemma.  Like most of my work, you can read it a number of ways and take a variety of perspectives which means that the central protagonist or HERO/HEROINE isn’t as clear as some might like.  You can read it as a story of dementia. You can read it as science fiction. Or as dystopia. Or conspiracty theory. People have found humour, fear and  entertainment out of it and it’s been pretty well received by readers (well, the one’s who’ve been in touch with me about it)  It’s also been returned a couple of times due to Amazon’s weird policy of letting people download things look at them for days (uh, like READ  THEM) and then give them back.  I guess it’s just proof that Amazon really do see ebooks as no different in the ‘product’ category than potato peelers!

So. Today, I’m going to be thinking about Brand Loyalty, the Ultimate world and all it encapsulates and I’m happy to chat with folk about it. Assuming I’m ever allowed back on Goodreads/facebook etc.  Did I do something by signing up to Spotify? Will I ever know.  How much easier was it when you could just read paperbacks eh? You can buy Brand Loyalty as a paperback too by the way.   Either via Amazon or the good old fashioned way by sending money to ME at HoAmPresst Publishing. I have a small number of the limited 2nd edition left. The 1st edition sold out before the actual original publication date of 20/12/2012 which I took to be a good sign.

In the good old days? when I was testing the ebook market and signed up Brand Loyalty for the Kindle Select programme (ie, give it away for free!) it just rushed off the shelves and hundreds downloaded it. It took only 6 hours to be #1 free political book on Amazon UK and within 24 hours was the same in the US.  But free downloads and purchasers are different creatures. I imagine its lurking on many people’s Kindles never to be read.  I don’t do FREE now. Not unless it’s for an advocacy project or something.  I don’t see the point. It gives you some visibility in the short term but it doesn’t give you READERS.  It’s readers I’m more interested in.  And I reckon it’s worth £3 of anyone’s money (ebook) and £10 (incl p&p) as a paperback.   Some time during the next 50 days I’ll root together some reviews and things in an  effort to do more persuading of you the potential audience, but I think it’s one of those novels which will either appeal or not. And it’s not for me to judge the mind of the reader.

My work, because not mainstream, tends to be ‘niche’ and I’m not bothered by that any more. It is possible to be unique and popular I know, but it’s not that common.  For today’s soundtrack to my life I’m going to use good old YouTube (sorry Spotify) to share a bit of Ray Davies with you. I watched the documentary Imaginary Man the other day and have had him on my mind ever since.  I really like Ray Davies music.  Mainly because he’s so DIFFERENT all the time. He’s a one off, a unique individual and he’s POPULAR too. Though of course not as popular as he would be if he’d sold out to the mainstream. But I don’t believe he ever did. He was just a guy, living his life, hashing it up and thinking about things and… and that’s what I think he and I have in common.  I listened to a lot of his new songs on Spotify yesterday and realised he’s still OUT THERE DOING IT. He’s not just Lola and Waterloo Sunset.  Go Ray.

Here is the song that I’ve been humming all day
Villlage Green

And here is the one that makes me think Ray Davies might just understand Brand Loyalty if he read it!  But who am I to say?
Imaginary Man

To get your hands on an ebook of Brand Loyalty for Kindle all you have to do is click HERE (and part with some cash!) If you’re an ipad or kobo or nook or one of those OPEN ereader platforms using epub click HERE 

And if you want it the good old fashioned way I’m afraid I’d no longer advise going through Amazon as I’ve just seen that MY OWN selling link seems to have disappeared.  You can get it direct from HoAmPresst Publishing here  if you’re happy with paypal. If you want that good old fashioned way of a cheque then get in touch with me directly and I’ll give you the address to send your money to!  Then I’ll try and work out how to get myself reinstated selling my OWN book on Amazon  – I don’t recommend the sites charging you £25 to get a copy. I’ll give you 2 copies for that price and throw in an ebook copy!  It’s a dog eat dog world out there and I only hope you get your hands on Brand Loyalty before Ultimate close me down!

And in case you’re wondering how I’m celebrating today – watching rugby. Though this is more akin to masochism than celebration for us Scots!  But as I write this there’s still a POSSIBILITY that Scotland won’t lift the wooden spoon again. Only a theoretical one, I know, but we live in hope.


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  1. Julia Jones says:

    If you like Orwell’s 1984, then read Brand Loyalty. I think I read it almost exactly 12 months ago and it’s popped into my mind so often since. Now that’s what a book with a message should do.

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