Monday Kick start

My Monday got off to a kickstart with a delivery of fenceposts  which had to be hauled on the barrow up the drive through the snow. This is called BACK TO REALITY meets BASIC MATHS disguised as INTERVAL TRAINING and is, as I kept telling myself A GOOD THING.

Happily ensconced back in my office and determined that while I am CELEBRATING every day for 50 days, part of this celebration will involve NOT being online each day, I got an interesting email from Peter Tarnofsky.

Peter is one of my favourite writers. He’s funny. He’s more than funny. And he ran an idea past me last week which I suggested he ‘go for’ (not being entrepreneurial enough to do it myself and wanting to see ‘what happens’)

So basically there’s this thing called Kickstarter. It’s what Rabbie Burns would have used to get his poetry published if it had been around in his day. It might be called project funding, subscription selling or whatever you like.  Basically if you want to read Peter’s new collection of short stories (and believe me, you do) you can pledge money for him to finish them and get them printed and ebooked up. If you want to explore the ‘precedent’ for this kind of thing,  click HERE for a fuller explanation of Burns and his publishing antics, sorry, methods.

If you are too lazy to click out and back again, the salient facts are: 1786 Burns publishes 1st edition (Kilmarnock edn) of Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect (600 odd copies which sell out in a month) The aim was to fund his trip to Jamaica but selling them so quickly gave him the idea that there might be some mileage in this poetry thing and in late 1786 Burns set out for Edinburgh to seek a new publisher for a second edition of his poems. Through Masonic connections (he became an active Freemason in June of 1781) Burns quickly became acquainted with many important members of Edinburgh society. Of particular significance was the Earl of Glencairn (1749-1791) who persuaded the entire Caledonian Hunt to subscribe to the forthcoming edition. Burns was soon introduced to the publisher William Creech (1745-1815) with whom he agreed terms for publication. The rest, as they say, is history.

I don’t think Peter Tarnofsky is a Freemason (it’s hard to do that secret handshake virtually now isn’t it?) and I’m not sure he mingles with many ‘important members of society’ or the local hunt. So it’s up to the likes of us to back him. That’s the open democracy of the internet friends!   If you are motivated purely by ‘investment’ options I’ll point out that these days copies of Burns Kilmarnock edition can sell for £57,500 and Edinburgh editions for £6,000 SO if you live long enough your pledge might get you a fantastic return!

I can assure you that watching Peter’s video ‘pitch’ and ‘outtakes’ is in itself a funny experience worth paying good money for.   The whole Kickstarter thing is an interesting concept and Peter’s a brave man to give it a go.  Who knows what the response will be?

I’ve put my backing to it, because it’s a case of money where mouth is time.  I hope some of you enter the spirit and have a look at the site and think about joining the KICKSTARTER party.  It’s a new and innovative way to support creative work. I’m sure it won’t work for everybody. It may not work for anybody. I hope it works for Peter. If not, I’m sure it’ll end up in his fiction somewhere and I don’t want to be one of the bad guys in one of his stories!


peter-tarnofskySo. To find out all about it click HERE  and enter a whole new world.  And if you really can’t get your head round all that but still want to celebrate Peter Tarnofsky today you can get his EVERYONE DIES AT THE END ebook here or read the review I wrote about it HERE.

Now off you go. Find your own way of celebrating. I’m going to be hanging round Facebook but may not be back on my blog till after my birthday. I get this feeling that there is an inversely proportional relationship between the amount I write and the amount of people who read – and I have REAL LIFE celebrating to get on with as well! 


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