A musical interlude

We’ve reached that point in the long drawn out partying when no one is paying attention any more so I’ve decided to sneak in a few songs.  Two mine and one not mine. I think you’ll be able to tell the difference.

It’s my intention to actually get down and record PROPERLY (well, semi properly) the songs I’ve penned over the last 30 years as well as some traditional songs and my favourite cover versions. This may well take most of the year (especially since I’m not blessed with a lot of ‘free’ time at the moment) But I’ve decided that even if no one else in the world is intersted, I want to have them all on record for old times sakes!  So I will be doing that this year.

Here’s a taster. Maybe I’ll be inundated by comments telling me NOT to embark on my recording career. I’ll ignore you anyway. You don’t have to listen. I’m not pretending any of them are well recorded, they are all on the spot with warts and all and I lay no claims to being a guitar goddess. I hope that mostly I can hold a tune (until I forget the words!) You have been warned.


This was the song I wrote in Vermont on Hogmanay 2003. Sadly, I’m quite proud of it actually! Particularly the line ‘before long I’ll be going downhill, and I kind of hope I always will’ 


I wrote this in 2005. It’s an interesting little piece where I imagined George’s perspective on our ‘relationship’ as it was at the time. I still quite like it. For the levels of identity etc.. and… well, I just like it




And finally CALEDONIA. Because it’s one of my favourites. Enough said. Of course Dougie Mclean does it better.


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6 Responses to A musical interlude

  1. jan needle says:

    my god, a superstar as well! really like those, cally. just got back from hospital for a capal tunnel investigation, so you won’t see me beating my mandola on youtube, ‘appen. great stuff, thanks!

  2. dennishamley says:

    That was terrific, Cally. Funny thing, but I’ve just come back from hospital too, after a heart scare. But all the tests were fine, I’ve had my medication tweaked and now I feel great. And I take your songs as part of my own celebration of another escape from the old Grim Reaper.

  3. Hey guys. Stop it! Jan. I see that you managed to get not snowed in to get to a hospital eh? And Dennis. Keep in good heart. Blimey. Here I was moaning over the fact that Monday’s fence post extravaganza has done something to my back (that only happens to old folk or wimps) You two need to stay healthy! I’m off to check on carpal tunnel syndrome now. Good grief. Where do we get our body doubles from eh?

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