We couldn’t stop the war…

coverSince Guerrilla Midgie Press is currently hosting the Top Ten FairTrade Flash Fiction Festival, the announcement of the publication for ‘We Couldn’t Stop the War…’ published today by Guerrilla Midgie Press is transferred here.

Drum roll. Audience applause. Grinding halt. What is it all about? What war? Stop what?

Cast your mind back. If you can. Does the phrase ‘Not in My Name’ ring any bells? It was long before ‘Make Poverty History.’ But after ‘we’ll fight them on the beaches.’  In case you are still confused, let me refresh your memory.

Ten years ago today a Worldwide Act of Theatrical Dissent took place. All over the world. It was called the Lysistrata Project (named after Aristphanes’ anti war play) And indeed it came to pass in that time that even in Dumfries a disparate bunch of local writers got together to make their own dramatic gesture. ‘Not in our Name.’   The event was organised by Cally Phillips, then dramatist in residence and hosted by Belle Doyle then supremo at the Robert Burns Film Theatre in Dumfries, on the evening of 3rd March.  I won’t say it was packed to the rafters, but we had an audience (which is always a bonus at an event in D&G!)

Ten years on Cally Phillips decided to mark the anniversary with an epublication. Not all the original writers have been tracked down in time to give copyright clearance so only those who have agreed to have their work included feature in this publication.   But what we have is an ebook which serves not only to showcase some great writing but also as a piece of social history and offers a chance for reflection on the ten years past.  And it’s competitively priced at 99p (the lowest you can go on Amazon and Kobo) We would have made it free but it’s impossible to make it free on ALL platforms at the same time. (That’s something to do with global capitalism and the profit motive by the way) In the interest of transparency we would like you to know that at the 99p price tag ‘royalties’ are 34p from Amazon and 37p from Kobo sales. None of the authors are making a penny out of this and should there be any profit it will go to charity.

Here’s how to get your copy. If you have a Kindle then you click Amazon UK or Amazon US (depending on your location!)

For ereaders other than Kindle we’re distributed via Kobobooks (epub format).  If you have an ipad you can use the relevant apps:  Kindle for ipad or Kobo for ipad to download. And even if you don’t have an ereader, or smartphone or tablet you can download the app of your choice and read it on your computer.

It’s up to you to choose Amazon, Apple or Kobo. We just aim to give you as wide a choice as possible. For us it’s about getting the words out there, giving you the choice to buy according to your conscience.  We’re always interested in hearing of distribution partners, especially non conglomerate ones so if you know of a better or more ethical way for us to distribute please contact guerrilla midgie via the website http://guerrillamidgie.wordpress.com

But whatever way you do it, we hope you’ll download this ebook and tell others about it. It’s a piece of history. It’s bearing witness. It’s standing up to say ‘Not in my Name.’ Even now.


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One Response to We couldn’t stop the war…

  1. Mari Biella says:

    Sounds great. Off to get my copy now…

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