Launch, relaunch.

Silence doesn’t mean nothing’s happening. Silence means EVERYTHING is happening.  So a week of silence must mean A LOT has happened yes? Yes.

Today, in time for Easter and the clocks changing and nature being given even more of a wee nudge that SPRING might be a good idea, there are two big events in the Cally Calendar to which I’d like to draw attention.

And you can enjoy them both in one easy package.hoampresst

The first is the relaunch of the HoAmPresst Publishing website. (for those who care about these things  – on a whole new platform!)  I won’t say it’s all singing and dancing or even ‘finished’ but it is hopefully a bit more coherent, cohesive, user-friendly and informative without being verbose (I wish!) Give it a whirl and tell me what you think. I can change just about anything (except my personality) and am always happy to have feedback on how a site looks and how it might work better for other folk.

sizecoverTRIPTYCHThe second – and perhaps more exciting – is the launch not of one but of two collections of plays.  TRIPTYCH whose main launch it is today was an event held 10 years ago this weekend and brings together three plays written between 1998 and 2003. Then you could come along to the Brigend Theatre, Dumfries to enjoy them in person for a small charge (it may even have been free, memory escapes me on that point) and today you can download them to an ereader of your choice (that’s an ipad, kindle, smartphone or computer) for the princely sum of £2.99.

Because we are in an age of austerity, and because I was doing a ‘clear out’ on my hard drive – it might have been in lieu of a spring clean given that we are still under the depths of snow – I ‘found’ three more plays which I have put together into another Triptych.

triptcyh2coverCunningly named Triptych 2 and THIS is available in a sort of bogof offer – ie you can get Triptych 2 for free whether or not you buy Triptych (the original) So it’s really a ‘gofbo’ but I’d like it if you treat is as a ‘bogof’.  Of course hopefully you’ll take the freebie AND the paid one and have six plays to read for less than the price of a Starbucks Coffee (I am reliably informed because I haven’t been in a Starbucks this century) Certainly for less than the price of a computer magazine.  Less of the hard sell. It’s the sort of thing that if you like that sort of thing you’ll like it.

Catherine Czerkawska, a fellow playwright, likes that sort of thing. She has reviewed Triptych thus:

I read these three accomplished stage plays back to back and far into the night. They are definitely a triptych rather than a trio, plays linked by related themes and ideas – although very different in tone, and concept. The third play in particular, The Other Side of the Mountain, remained with me long after I had finished reading it. There’s something engaging about it, a vividly visual, almost emblematic quality, coupled with a complex set of ideas about the meaning of life and death, which meant that I could see it as I read it. Always the mark of a playwright in command of her material. Three moving dramas, almost as good to read as to see on the stage – but wouldn’t it be good to see any or all of these in performance?Three for the price of one. A bargain by any standards.

So. Without more ado. I declare the new HoAmPresst site OPEN and here below I leave you with a range of links for all the Triptych’s you can eat or read in one sitting.

All about Triptych – including some scenes to watch. (you need to scroll to the bottom of the page)

Buying Link Amazon UK, Amazon US,  open epub Kobo

Free download links for Triptych 2


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2 Responses to Launch, relaunch.

  1. Bill Kirton says:

    The site looks good, Cally, clean, clear, and all the better for eschewing verbosity. (See what I mean? “eschewing verbosity”!) I’ve got the bogof and look forward to reading them.

  2. brendangisby says:

    What Bill says, Cally. But in simpler words, of course! TRIPTYCH and TRIPTYCH 2 are also now mine, waiting to be read.

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