Keep away from the Congolese…

IMGP3092Is the message which sits in front of my daily calendar and is a piece of good advice I’ve given myself (and taken) over the last month or so.  The practical consequences of this mean that I’ve been away from blogland. Silent but busy. Achieving a virtual/real life balance.

But I thought it was time to explain myself on this a bit more. Who are the Congolese? (you might be asking) For me, at the moment, the Congolese are those people (or places) real (or virtual) who are draining of time and energy and cannot fully be trusted to be working towards the same goals as me.  For a deeper understanding of Why Congolese? you need to read some history. Che Guevara to be precise.


Much of my life and many of my ‘plans’ are influenced by one Ernesto rev-layingGuevara de la Serna (better known to you as ‘Che’ – meaning ‘Buddy’) and it came to me recently that my online life was becoming like a guerrilla campaign and that in those terms I was in The Congo.  I shouldn’t be. I should be in Cuba. (Earlier posts explain this for those who are interested) So I’ve spent the last wee while in Cuba, and very nice it is too.

But I’ve broken radio silence just a) to remind you all that I am still alive and living in the real world and b) because I’ve been ‘active’ in a few online places that you might have missed. So if you have missed my contributions to virtuality – here’s a way to fill your boots without taking any more of my valuable time up!

I was ‘in conversation’ with Sue Price at her Nennius Blog – talking about my writer’s ‘journey’ in broad terms. You can find that HERE 

I’ve been semi-active in the launch of McVoices which is a new ‘wee kid’ on the blog block – a disparate (possibly at times desperate) collective of Scots and Scots based writers who hope that by adding their wee shout to the sum of blog shouts we may achieve a Hampden sized roar one day for the unvoiced Scots writer. (By which we mean those who do not get the mainstream contracts or marketing hype but nevertheless live and in some cases die by the pen – or keyboard!)  The idea was chewed over for some months by myself and the inestimable Mr McStoryteller Brendan Gisby, but when I went into the jungle he got his act together and DID SOMETHING about it.  Good old Brendan who achieves the Che Guevara accolade for May/June  ‘words that do not match deeds are unimportant’    He’s tempted me out of the jungle on a couple of occasions to spread the word and my own thoughts on diverse issues.  And is generally working hard (as ever) on behalf of others to get voices HEARD.  Possibly because I had my head turned, he managed to take the ‘theory’ and convert it into practice and it seems to be working thus far.

Apart from that, as usual, I’m all work and no play and thus quite a dull fellow I expect.  But what can you look forward to from me in the near future?  Free sample of a work in progress called JOCK TAMSON’S BAIRNS for Learning Disability Week in June.  And then, before we all know it, it will be August and the eBook Festival will be upon us again.

Places where I’m ‘lurking’ at the moment include HoAmPresst Publishing,  Guerrilla Midgie Press and eBook Festival 2013 And since these are all virtual places, I’m always only a click away. If you tire of the fare on there – hey, you could always read on of my books. There are a good 20 out there one way or another. Something if not for everyone, then at least for most people.

bigalogoIn my ‘real’ world the launch of Ayton Publishing comes ever nearer.  I’m nearly 11 volumes into my first 32 volume collection of ‘Forgotten Fiction’ – copy editing, introduction writing and general obsessing over publishing and history on a daily basis.  I still can’t say whether the ‘launch’ will be this side of Hogmanay, or as late as February next year – that depends how firm I stick by my own advice of Keeping Away from the Congolese.


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2 Responses to Keep away from the Congolese…

  1. Can you bring me back some cigars please Cally? And maybe one of those dusky maidens who roll them on their thighs? I don’t smoke as such but they’re a good bartering tool.
    I had my own little conspiracy theory going when Brendan approached me about the McVoices, and your blog post put all doubt from my mind. The very mention of your good name in Brendan’s opening gambit had me thinking there was more to the site than what was being touted, but, it took me a few days to see through it. More than a group forum, McVoices has been devised to encourage conversation/debate among the participants other than the usual showcasing exploits of other, lesser sites. I hope you can accept your share of the blame for this action, but, (again), it would appear to be working.

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