Hibernation is imminent

IMGP2943The ebook festival has come and gone.  Autumn is upon us. My mind now has to turn to work and getting the Ayton Publishing catalogue out for the spring.

I’m blogging today on Authors Electric and I will be popping in and out of McVoices but my ‘live’ virtual appearances here (and elsewhere) will therefore be sporadic from now on.  I’m sure you all have lots of other things to occupy your virtual minds and bodies while I’m deep undercover.  And you can look forward to the big ‘reveal’ come 2014.

There’s some free stuff to keep you going.

A ‘sampler’ of my forthcoming ‘A Life in Stages’ is available for FREE in all formats.

The enhanced ebook version of my first play ‘We Wove a Web in Childhood’ is available for FREE in all formats

Just click HERE and download your chosen format.

And happy to say that first time back on the internet this week I fell over this nice review of A Week with No Labels by John McGroarty –  a fellow McVoice.

Back to business…


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3 Responses to Hibernation is imminent

  1. kathleenjones2 says:

    Good luck Cally! You certainly deserve it. All the hard work you put in, so much of it for other people. Hope you have a really creative hibernation!

  2. dennishamley says:

    I agree with Kathleen. You really are one of the most selfless people I have ever known. All that work for other people – and I owe you a big personal debt which I shan’t ever be able to repay. So thank you so much – and enjoy your hibernation, which is obviously going to be far more frenetic than it is for most hedgehogs of my acquaintance. And best of luck with Ayton Publishing. PS: Just downloaded the books. But the Che Guevara film won’t download for some reason. Are others finding this?

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