Self-publish With Integrity: Define Success in Your Own Terms and then Achieve It

Here’s a test for Tribrr… reblogging this excellent post by Dan Holloway on a self publishing book with a difference. I’m looking forward to it immensely, so want to spread the word!

dan holloway

spi cover draft 10Edited to add – now available for Kindle in the UK for £1.88 and in the US for $2.99 as well as in all other Amazon territories

What’s this? Why, it’s my new book. And it will be available as an ebook from December 16th – the perfect Christmas present for anyone whose New Year’s resolution is to self-publish in 2014. Or even to start writing something they want to self-publish in 2015. It will cost $2.99 or whatever the equivalent is in pounds. I hope it will be worth every penny.

Many of you may have noticed I’ve been more active in my blogging of late. I hope you will have found at least some of what I’ve had to say helpful. One of the reasons I’ve stepped up my writing was the realisation that I was finally in the position to write the book people had been asking…

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