Turra Coo Countdown

turra coo3Only 3 days to go till the biggest event in Turra since the last biggest event (apart from the Show of course) in 2010, which was the last biggest event since the original ‘event’ or ‘happening’ or ‘riot’ in 1913.

For those of you who might like to venture forth and take part in the riot (sorry, celebration) yourself on Saturday, I just got my invitation  and here’s what’s happening.

Turra Coo Centenary and Turra Market – Saturday 16th November 9.30am -2pm

9.30am Turra Market, Street Closure and Shopping Extravaganza (Extravaganza… that’ll be a first in Turra!) 

10am Turra Coo Book Launch in the Auld Post Office Museum

10.30am Turriff Silver Band  and Period Costume Competition

11.oo am Welcome by Robert Lovie (compere)

11.15am Turriff and District Pipe Band Procession

12noon Markethill Primary School Play of the Turra Coo Re-enactment

12.45 Poetry Competition Readings

1.pm Bothy Ballads.

So what are you waiting for – start making your way up the road… and to keep you going, you can have a flavour of the 2010 event – another bothy ballad – the Barnyards o’ Delgaty


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One Response to Turra Coo Countdown

  1. LM says:

    Forgetting and not seeing: on the unveiling of the Turra Coo statue, Dec 2012

    Regarding the so-called Turra Coo, it is remarkable how the workers’ full case has been omitted from the local narrative. Who else has been overlooked is the cow herself. And I mean herself, not what we see instead: a symbol, a text, a payment, a cipher upon which anything may be inscribed, on whom any convenient identity may be forced. Also ignored are the relentless harms, violence and violation done to cows and all their kin. The memorial is an exercise in forgetting and in not seeing.

    This is part of the practice of distancing ruthlessly exploited animals from our consciousness, of regarding them as anything other than sentient beings with their own individual needs, fears, terrors, agonies, miseries, wishes, rights. No empathy has been expressed for the real ‘Turra Coo’ and her obvious fright in the rioting mob.

    Quotes from the ceremony show instead the usual contempt – the cow was ‘a bloody poor milker’; the shocking ignorance of animal farming’s contribution to climate change – ‘coo is eco-friendly and gives out no methane’; and the blinkered politicking – the story of the cow was ‘about injustice and perceived injustice’, but she herself goes unseen.

    On the statue’s flank, as presumably it was on the degraded cow herself, is painted the text, ‘Free!! Divn’t ye wish that ye were me’ (no question mark). This is not only crass, for the statue shows the cow with a rope around her face and presumably tethered, but also a travesty: all farmed animals are in bondage.

    Hopefully, when we have all found our compassion, the plaque near this representation of a representation will be changed to express concern for ‘invisible’ victims, recognise their suffering and be headed ‘Lest we forget again’. Better still, this huge mistake – a deplorable celebration of prejudice and oppression – should be quietly removed.

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