Early bird catches ‘wee free’

logoprint 300Not that I’m up to much of a whimper at the moment, never mind a bang, or the bells and whistles of a ticker tape parade style PROMO. But the cat is crawling out of the bag (or out of Schrodingers box at least) and after one one year of hard work in secret, I can today reveal SOMETHING at least.

Tomorrow – 30th November, Ayton Publishing Limited launches itself upon an unsuspecting (and uncaring world). The first full catalogue THE GALLOWAY COLLECTION of 32 books (ebook and POD  paper since you ask) won’t be published till April 16th (though who knows, I may just get some ebooks out there in advance of the publication date for the lucky, desperate or demanding few who want them).

But because FOR YOU it’s a long time till April (for me, believe me it feels frighteningly close) Ayton Publishing is giving things away in advance. We’ve come up with a ‘loose’ collection called ‘Wee Frees’ which, as the name might suggest, are small free ebooks by authors close to our hearts.

test samplerThe first ‘wee free’ is published tomorrow but if you’re reading this you can get your hands on it RIGHT NOW by simply moseying on down to the website and going to the Wee Free page and in a couple of clicks it’ll be right there on your ereader.

It is a St Andrews Sampler – well, it is St Andrews Day tomorrow after all!

More Wee Frees will come between now and April to keep you interested.  And more announcements about theGalloway Raiders coming up soon. We don’t want to deluge you with excitment all in one day after all.


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