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src cartoon 300Become a Galloway Raider Chief today!

JUST CLICK HERE   or go to

This is your invitation to become a Galloway Raider. It’s FREE to join and membership between December 1st 2013 and March 1st 2014 gets you the status of Raider Chief. You’ll be in at the beginning, able to access the site during development and you’ll be the recipient of special pre-publication offers.

Just fill in your membership form – (your email address) and we’ll send you your password within 24 hours.

Once you have your password you can enter all areas of the site and the one you’ll particularly want to see is the SPECIAL OFFERS which offers you a FREE pre-publication ebook copy of Raiderland (Volume 32)  This will be retailing at £3.99 ebook and £10.99 paperback so it’s a bargain not to be missed.  Described as a ‘garrulous literary companion for Galloway lovers and Galloway travellers’ this miscellany of fiction, non-fiction and autobiography will give you an introduction to S.R.Crockett if you are unfamiliar with him, and whet your appetite for The Galloway Collection fiction titles which will be officially launched on 16th April 2014 (The 100th anniversary of S.R.Crockett’s death.)

We hope you enjoy Raiderland, and getting familiar with the site over the next few months. We’ll be keeping all our Raiders updated with news and information as things progress.src sig small

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2 Responses to Become a Galloway Raider

  1. Stuart Miller says:

    Dear Cally

    I recently downloaded ‘Raiderland’ to my Kindle (much to my wife’s disgust – at the Kindle not the book) and found it very interesting.

    However, I wanted to contact you just to draw your attention to the Wikipedia entry on Galloway in Literature: it mentions ‘Guy Mannering’ and even Lord Peter Wimsey, but there is not even the merest of mentions for SR Crockett! Yes, I know wiki is hugely unreliable, but I thought you should know about this outrage.

    I would it correct it myself, but maybe it would be more appropriate for you to do so, given your greater editorial experience and the huge amount of work you’ve done in editing the Crockett canon. What do you think?

    • Hi,
      sorry, just picked up this comment. You are right, S.R.Crockett is barely mentioned (in Wikipedia as everywhere else) It is on my to do list to find out how one ‘edits’ such things… thanks for the tip off!

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