Happy 2014…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s going to be a big year!

With the festive season well and truly over for those who indulge or over indulge and the year having turned for those of us who don’t either celebrate or indulge, I thought I’d post a few of my personal highlights and events for 2014.  I probably won’t be here much as I have a lot to do hanging out other places, but I’ll try and keep a monthly update going – and direct you to the other places I think are  of interest.

January – Chinese New Year. I like to indulge my Eastern leanings by celebrating (in a not very authentic way) everything from beginning to end. I note that this year they seem to be playing around with the dates – mostly it seems to make sure people don’t take too much time off work. My verdict on this – shows that Capitalism is alive and well even in China (perhaps especially in China)

February – The Winter Olympics. Any excuse to take some time off and watch winter sports will be gratefully accepted.  It’s also Fair Trade Fortnight. I may not be too engaged in that this year because of THE BIG project.

March – George turns 65 and so we’ll have our own little retirement celebration.  Note OWN and LITTLE as the operative words here. It’s personal.  I’m only mentioning it here because there’s nothing else in March!

April – At the moment everything is working towards THE calendar date of April 16th – the 100th anniversary of the death of S.R.Crockett.  The place to find out more about this is at micro-publisher AYTON PUBLISHING or the S.R.Crockett site GALLOWAY RAIDERS.  We are becoming party animals but it’ll be a party with quite a difference. Walks, picnics, readings… all the things WE like in life.

Between April and September (when we’ll have another ‘hoolie’ with the Galloway Raiders to celebrate S.R.Crockett’s birthday on Sept 24th.

In the summer of course there’s the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles. But I’ll probably be too busy working to engage meaningfully with either because…

August will see the 3rd Edinburgh ebook Festival.  This year it’s running for a month and the theme is History and Homecoming. More announcements soon HERE 

September- The Independence Referendum which will be followed by the biggest party or the biggest hangover known to man. The 17th September is a day I’ve been hoping for for most of my life.  But I’m not confident that it won’t be a typical Scottish picture of snatching Defeat from the jaws of Victory.  Hopefully I’ll be back on track by 24th September whatever way the result goes, but if it’s a NO vote I can guarantee spirits will be considerably dampened for the foreseeable future.  I’d like to say I’d emigrate if we don’t get independence, but I know that at my age no where else would have me, so win or lose, we’ll just have to get on with it.  That’s why my planned year ends in September.  Because life will change substantially depending on the vote and I’m not even going to look into the autumn/winter of 2014 with my grubby crystal ball.

But that’s what I’m up to this year. No resolutions, just a lot of hard work (enjoyable mostly) and lifechanging events (hopefully also enjoyable!) See you around the virtual world!





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