Where in the world are you?

Or more accurately…  where in the virtual world am I? 

Here I am... as always these days, never far away from a Crockett novel.

Here I am… as always these days, never far away from a Crockett novel.

This site is quiet (verging on the grave) because I’m so busy elsewhere. So where can you catch up with me (should you want to?)

At the moment I’m ‘directing’ the 3rd Edinburgh eBook Festival which runs until 3rd September every day (and night) HERE 

I’m also sometimes to be found blogging at Wee Voices, also at Authors Electric.

I’m on Facebook (hanging on grimly by my toenails at times) as Cally Phillips but more interestingly (perhaps) at the International Picnic Club site.  I am not and have never been a party person, but I’m still in search of the perfect picnic.And  unless you are prepared to shell out money Facebook no longer seems to be a place for serious stuff, so it’s just a bit of fun.

Meanwhile, back in  ‘reality’ I’m still working hard for Ayton Publishing Limited getting out the work of S.R.Crockett – the most obvious manifestation of this is The Galloway Raiders which is a free membership organisation providing a hub for all things S.R.Crockett related.  It’s been variously described as a ‘literary society,’ an ‘appreciation society’ and an ‘online club’ none of which properly describe it and all of which suggest to me a deeper truth in the Daoist saying ‘name is the thief of identity.’  It’s just THE GALLOWAY RAIDERS.  If that title alone doesn’t intrigue and interest you then you may as well pass it by. Here I am (or was) in April, talking about him to Willie Johnston of BBC Scotland (There’s text and video HERE  I work to a budget so can’t afford a full 15 minutes of fame, but Willie did a grand job in getting Crockett mentioned in the meeja!

I’m preparing to talk Crockett at Wigtown Book Festival this September,  HERE and HERE and HERE after which it will be batton down the hatches for winter and get writing…

So. All these various real and virtual places and activities mean that it’s unlikely I’ll be on here very often (indeed I’m favouring disappearing into the virtual mountains like Lao Tzu ) but if you are interested in any of the links above, there’s plenty a trace of me to be found on the internet, even if I’m not actually there/here myself. And there’s still lots of archive stuff on this site to explore (including free downloads!)


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