Been a long time… and I’m not here any more

In fact, it’s so long since I visited this page I couldn’t remember my own password and thought I might never get here again!

And now I’m here the ‘interface’ is like something I’ve never experienced before. I won’t let that worry me… I’m really only here to tell you that I’ve migrated to Weebly. And started a new blog/project which might be of interest to anyone ‘following’ me here.

So the place to find me now is You may still be able to access via but since we now have the options NOT to be and since I’d rather not be but don’t have the dosh to shell out £30 a year for the privilege of being .scot, I’ve just stuck with the weebly ending. I am old enough to remember that ‘weebles wobble but they don’t fall down’ and at my age that is somewhat reassuring.  So if you’re looking for me, you’ll find me at weebly. Which, by the way, I can recommend as a web hosting site for folks who like to keep it simple. that means drag and drop. Copy and paste. Hope to see you there sometime soon.  Who knows if I’ll ever be back here, except to rob my own archives. If I can remember my password.

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