Stage  (writer/director unless otherwise noted). Commissioned/performed plays.

2011  Choices  (ABC Drama)

2010 Meat Your Greens (writer ABC Drama)

2008 Aiken Drum’s Recycled Musical (ABC Drama)

2007  FairPlay Dramas (ABC Drama)

2006 The End of the Age of Oil (ABC Drama)

2005    Life’s a Pizza, (WLYT – director unknown)


Chasing Waves (Bamboo Grove/DGAA – directed by Amanda Walker)

Piglet (ABC Drama)


One to One with William Buckland (OUDS – director unknown)

Down the Line (OUDS – Lise Maul)

Love is an Urban Myth (Bamboo Grove – director Marc de Launay)

The Other Side of the Mountain (Bamboo Grove)

When Time Stands Still (Bamboo Grove – director John Mitchell)


Men in White Suits, (Traverse Reading – director Roxana Silbert)

Down the Line (DGAA – director Mona Keeling)

When Time Stands Still (Bamboo Grove, Oxford, director Amanda Walker)

1999    Love is an Urban Myth, (Traverse/Tron reading (director Nic Bone)

1997 A walk with Jessie M King (DGAA)

1993      We Wove A  Web in Childhood (Running Wolf Productions)

Broadcast TV (writer)

Outside In (Granada, 2003)

Don’t Let Go (BBC,1999)

 Broadcast Radio

Bullseye Babes (BBC 4, 1996)

Commissioned Short Films (director, producer)

The Complete Idiots Guide to being 14 (2006)

Colour it Love (2005)

Shut It! (2004)

Beyond Boundaries (2004)

Who is Normal? (2003)

Short films (writer,director,producer)

The Universal Hamlet, What if God?, 3 Minute Casablanca, Che, One Minute Wonder.

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