50 days of chocolate

Of course one of the mainstays of any prolonged celebration is Chocolate.  But all chocolate is NOT the same. And today things get a bit serious as I link with my Authors Electric Blog to talk about Fairtrade.

I first saw a documentary which changed the way I bought and consumed Chocolate about ten years ago. A couple of years ago a Panorama Documentary came out which reinforced the same issues. And due to the joys of YouTube you can watch it too. But it comes with a warning that it may impact upon how you buy and eat chocolate in future too! If so, I’m happy that you hold me responsible.

Here it is:

Chocolate the bitter truth.

Episode 1

Episode 2




And if that’s not enough  for you, I’m around in cyberspace today, more than happy to talk about Fairtrade and Chocolate and writing for advocacy and anything else you want to chat about. If you want to read more of my dramatic and fictional views you can download Fair Trade Fiction - Cally PhillipsFAIR TRADE FICTION and fivefairplayFIVE FAIR PLAY DRAMAS

I’m giving you the Amazon Kindle links and Direct epub link to Fair Trade Fiction. Most of my work is also available as epub  here http://bit.ly/Smn5f9 .

And for more Kindle format work go to my Amazon Author Page 

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