HoAmPresst Publishing is the imprint through which Cally Phillips publishes her novels, short stories and plays.

Novels  Brand Loyalty (2010)  The Threads of Time (2003) and Short story collections in Scots Voices in ma Heid (2012) and It Wisna me (2012) are all available as ebooks.

If you want to ‘keep it real,’ some titles are also available as limited edition paperbacks from the HoAmPresst website or other outlets.

Guerrilla Midgie publishing is the ‘advocacy’ imprint which produces fiction/non-fiction/drama and anything else which is primarily designed to ‘get under the skin’ of the cosy, conventional world we live in and ask the awkward questions on a range of issues.

Currently No Labels (Monday to Friday) are available as individual ebooks and soon the Omnibus edition (including Saturday and Sunday) will also be available to download.

Five Fair Play Dramas is also available – featuring five flexible plays on fair trade issues: Chocolate, Coffee, Bananas, Tea and Cotton.

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