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Guerrilla Midgie Press is an advocacy publishing imprint.

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Published in 2012 

A Week with No Labels (Cally Phillips)

Tales from Tattybogle  and More Tales from Tattybogle (Jack MacRoary)

The Price of Fame (Kirsty Eccles)

weeksmall.jpgjack macmoretales2SMALLPRICE

Published in 2013 (so far!) 

Fairtrade Fiction (Cally Phillips) and We Couldn’t stop the war…(ed Cally Phillips) 

coverFair Trade Fiction - Cally Phillips

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TITLE AMAZON kindle  UK AMAZON kindle US KOBO epub POD paperback
A week with No Labels Omnibus
Fair Trade Fiction (Vol 1)
Tales from Tattybogle
More Tales from Tattybogle
The Price of Fame
We couldn’t stop the war…
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