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The writer who refuses to sell his opinions is always branded as a mere egoist.’ (Orwell)

HoAmPresst Publishing was established in 2010 to produce limited edition fiction and drama in paperback format.There are new works and back catalogue reprints. All work is from playwright, screenwriter and novelist Cally Phillips.   HoAmPresst was born out of the tensions between mainstream publishing and a non-capitalist belief system and a belief that  ’creativity is not an industry’ underpins all our publishing activity. Our aim is to make available quality writing without compromising (selling out) to the mainstream business model.  Profit is not the primary objective. Consequently in 2011 HoAmPresst moved into publishing digitally with a catalogue of e-books for all e-reader formats. E-publishing perhaps offers the best opportunity at present to connect directly with the reader and this is where our current focus lies. Any ‘profit’ that might accrue from epublishing sales is ploughed back into paperback production of limited editions.


“What is a fact except a fiction we choose to believe?”

ACPRINTAnother World is Possible (2007) was first written as an online serial and subsequently published as a paperback by YouWriteOn in 2008. Told in an episodic form that will have you wondering just who is telilng the story and indeed just whose story it is till the very last page, this is a unique and interesting take on narrative psychology and the creation of identity.  It is now available as an ebook  Kindle and epub formats and as a paperback.

“A remarkable book with a truly original story line which probes questions of identity and truth. (Mary Smith; Burnt Chickens and Macaroni, No More Mulberries.)

Cally Phillips is a unique and interesting writer (Ingrid Ricks; Focus, Hippie Girl)

“In the Ultimate world reality is what you choose to believe.”

Brand Loyalty - Cally Phillips

Brand Loyalty (2010) is an Orwellian dystopia for a brave new technological world. Nike, Helen and Pryce all have their own problems dealing with a world in which the Ultimate corporation has registered, trademarked and copyrighted their very existence.  A vision of a world which is an all too frighteningly real possibility.  It is available as an ebook in Kindle and epub formats and as a paperback.

The most challenging, disturbing and fascinating book I’ve read for quite some time. It deserves to be widely read (Rosalie Warren; Charity’s Child, Alexa’s Song.)

It is a thought provoking, page turner which explores life in a consumerist dystopia (Mary Smith; Burnt Chickens and Macaroni, No More Mulberries)

Brand Loyalty is overtly and intelligently Orwellian…. The crushing of curiosity and individuality satirised by Dickens amid the surroundings of the Industrial Revolution is directly analogous to the post-Marxian processes favoured by the ULTIMATE® Corporation. .. chilling but brilliant (Julia Jones; Strong Winds Trilogy, Fifty Years in the Fiction Factory)

“We are all magicians in the face of reality. History is our magic wand.”

Threads of Time, The - Phillips, Cally

The Threads of Time (2003) Cally Phillips first novel tells the story of Paul Mackie, a young field archaeologist who digs up much more than he bargains for. Set in the beautiful (but muddy) South West of Scotland Paul falls in love with not one but two women and  his life becomes ever more complicated, with unpredictably devastating results Available as an ebook in Kindle and epub formats, the revised paperback version will be available later in 2013 to mark the 10th anniversary of the original

An exceptional novel, with a strange quality of warmth, which juxtaposes beautifully with the meticulous structure and detail of the proseThe book haunts when it is closed and put aside, in a way that I suspect may be permanent, and while reading there are moments of penetrating revelation where a hushed stillness and centre seems to have been suddenly discovered by the author and transmitted into the spirit of the future reader. (John A.A. Logan: The Survival of Thomas Ford, Storm Damage)


Voices in Ma Heid - Cally PhillipsVoices in ma Heid (2012) Five short stories which are written in Scots and designed at the adult market. They cover those perennial Scots topics: football, sex, drink and politics.Available as an ebook in Kindle and epub formats.

an enticing mixture of the dark, the humorous and the moving…. Cally’s stories are always vividly visual and The Stabbin O’ Rizzio is no exception. We feel with and for the narrator, who tells a hideously sad tale of exploitation, abuse and violence in an almost matter-of-fact tone which nevertheless grows in power until the devastating ending. This story, moreover has a curious quality to it. Because of the title, which recollects the murder of Mary Queen of Scots’s secretary, David Rizzio, in Holyrood Palace, stabbed many times in front of a heavily pregnant Mary, we have that story in our minds at some level of our consciousness, even while we’re reading. It’s nothing so overt as a simple parallel. It’s both more understated and more central than that. It’s as though the reference throws this contemporary tragedy into a sharp and almost heraldic relief: both original and admirable. (Catherine Czerkawska; The Curiosity Cabinet, Bird of Passage.)

“Cally Phillips is a courageous writer. Would that many more Scots authors had the courage to write like this. Would that many more readers in Scotland and beyond appreciated the writing” (Brendan Gisby; The Bookie’s Runner, The Island of Whispers)

It Wisnae Me - Cally Phillips

It Wisnae me (2012) Another handful of short stories in Scots but this time it’s personal. The first person narrator lets us share some of her most intimate childhood secrets.

Two qualities in particular make this collection stand out.The first is  the gradual maturing of the voice from naïve youngster in the opening tale to knowing, almost world-weary teenager by the close of the final tale, a feat that could only be accomplished by a highly skilled writer. The second is the emergence of a non-conformist, a rebel. Here we have, I’m certain, the origins of the spirit of Cally Phillips. (Brendan Gisby; Bookie’s Runner etc)

Her prose is always written with a playwright’s ear for dialogue, which is one of the reasons why I like it so much. These stories are in Scots, a wonderful, vivid, living, East Coast Scots and once you get your ‘ear’ in you can practically hear the narrator herself, telling you about her early childhood in Dundee and later about growing up in Edinburgh in the 1970s. The stories are also a faithful, and at times painful, depiction of young female experience – good and bad – especially, for me, a story called Wha’s Feart O’ The Library: a sensitive narration with which I think many women will identify. (Catherine Czerkawska; Ice Dancing, The Physic Garden)

As well as the current prose fiction of Cally Phillips, HoAmPresst has published the back catalogue of her performed stage work from first to last (as well as a couple of unperformed plays) as ebooks in both Kindle and epub formats.


Bond is Back - Cally Phillips Chasing Waves - Cally PhillipsDown the Line and The Admirable Crichton - Cally Phillips & J.M.BarrieMen in White Suits - Cally PhillipsPowerPlay - Cally Phillips

Bond is Back      Chasing Waves       Down the Line    Men in White Suits    Powerplay



Triptych  (March 29th)  and  in August We Wove A Web in Childhood.


‘The immediate enemies of truthfulness, and hence of freedom of thought, are the press lords, the film magnates, and the bureaucrats, but that on a long view the weakening of the desire for liberty among the intellectuals themselves is the most serious symptom of all.’ (Orwell, 1946)

For buying links of current HoAmPresst Publications, see below:

Another World is Possible http://amzn.to/YYk1EF http://amzn.to/ZA1506   http://amzn.to/13VrPbQ
Bond is Back http://amzn.to/OODpUG http://amzn.to/QyyOSh http://bit.ly/SQKakf  
Brand Loyalty http://amzn.to/TYwIvZ http://amzn.to/OZ8Nwe http://bit.ly/OcMd6i  
Chasing Waves http://amzn.to/RofuWq http://amzn.to/OcNOsZ http://bit.ly/QdgqNq  
Down the Line http://amzn.to/Rva7YM http://amzn.to/RsgcH1    
DTL/AC Omnibus http://amzn.to/Rv9Zse http://amzn.to/TTvAsR http://bit.ly/U3yQrs  
It Wisnae Me http://amzn.to/ROuJsk http://amzn.to/Ne9TG6 http://bit.ly/Op7425  
Powerplay http://amzn.to/ONGy37 http://amzn.to/Q5yAk2 http://bit.ly/RJKWyP  
Men in White Suits http://amzn.to/U79MMn http://amzn.to/XQ55wa http://bit.ly/UMiqRu  
Threads of Time http://amzn.to/OZ8D82 http://amzn.to/Op9Kg8 http://bit.ly/PYFv10  
Voices in ma Heid http://amzn.to/QbMZ3S http://amzn.to/QbNTgR http://bit.ly/OcM3vR  

Currently Brand Loyalty is available as a limited edition paperback at £9.99  (You may be able to pick up copies from online retailers as well but buying direct from the Publisher is always our preferred option.) The SHOP link is here 


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