BRAND LOYALTY (20102010)

First published as a paperback in 2010 and an ebook in 2011, Brand Loyalty  is currently available in Kindle format in the   UK HERE and Amazon US HERE.  It is available in epub format from Kobo here.

Who are you if you don’t have a social identity?  

What is it like to live in a world which no longer has personal meaning?

Brand Loyalty is a novel of questions and answers. A makeover for the Orwellian dystopia. An A – Z  vision of a world that could exist in reality, or in a mind.  A bright shiny world where consumerism has taken over – virtually and brand loyalty has become a vital part of social identity. 

Brand Loyalty has been reviewed by fellow professional writers and ‘ordinary’ readers as well.

Julia Jones says If you want to think and be stimulated, but also to trust and be encouraged in the power of curiosity, you should read this novel. 

Rosalie Warren says The most challenging, disturbing and fascinating book I’ve read for quite some time. It deserves to be widely read

Alan Pearce says I may have finished reading this book but I don’t think I will ever stop thinking about it. 

Mary Smith says What is so scary about Brand Loyalty is its plausibility. It is not a comfortable read and this book raises questions… It is a thought provoking, page turner which explores life in a consumerist dystopia

and there are many other  comments to be found in Amazon reviews and on the HoAmPresst Site.  Enough to give you a picture of what people think about the book and what sort of book it is. You can also sample it from Amazon for free.

Full reviews by Julia Jones (IEBR) and Rosalie Warren (Rosalie Reviews)

Accolades (if such things move you) In May, within 6 hours of being on a free give-away it hit #1 in Amazon political novels in UK within 12 hours it achieved the same status in US.

If only the same were true when it went to ‘paid’ status. Here it peaked at #7 in UK and around #14 in US.  Now it has pulled back on the cloak of invisibility which is the norm for ebooks when they are not part of a serious promotional push.

I’m a writer primarily and my aim is for my work to be ‘available’ to people. I want them to be able to make an informed choice about whether to purchase or not.  I’m not interested in constantly pushing or hyping work any more than I am in constantly giving it away to get noticed.  I accept that this means that at the moment my ‘reach’ is limited.  You have to go looking for Brand Loyalty. Not far, but you do have to look for it. I have to go looking for books I want to read, so it doesn’t bother me that much. I’m more interested in making my work available for people who do want to read it and trying to make sure that people can find it if they are prepared to look.  And if you like it, it would really help if you played a part in making it ‘visible’ by telling other people about it through whatever social networks or word of mouth skills you possess.

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